Latest Trends of Wedding Photography

Hiring a photographer to document your wedding day is a must for any couple tying the knot, but there’s more to recording your “I do’s” than making sure someone is there to snap what they see. More and more couples are craving something different when it comes to the images of their big day – something that goes beyond the standard look and feel of traditional wedding photos. We looked into what they’re asking for and what else is becoming a trend in wedding photography.

Capturing the day differently

The Wedding Photographers business motto is “Let us tell your story differently”. They are expert at capturing the happiest day of your life in a way that’s unique, special and totally personal. They shared their tips for making sure your photos – from the first dance to the last kiss – are not only beautiful, but distinctive, too.

 Wedding Photographers philosophy when it comes to capturing a couple’s wedding day is to bring them something different using a photojournalistic style. He’s always looking for a different angle or artistic look to make images stand out and give the couple something original to look at. Posed pictures are a thing of the past and outside of a few group shots of the wedding party, it’s all about capturing the beauty of the day in a candid, relaxed way. “Other than some time that we set aside to do portraits, we spend most of our time being a fly on the wall and catching the day’s emotions and moments as they fly by,” the photographer says.

Getting personal for better photos

Never mind generic – couples today want to be artists with their wedding. They want to show their personality through not only their wedding day as a whole, but through the photos as well. Photographer and his team encourage couples to look at who they are and share this with their friends and family. “This usually causes them to dig deep and come up with some great ideas,” he says, adding that one couple he worked with who did an “Jodha Akbar” themed wedding asked all of their guests to come in vintage style clothing – something that put a unique spin on their wedding photos.

Choose a theme and don’t be afraid to ask guests to dress accordingly. Some ideas include:

The aforementioned vintage look (which would look great in black and white)

Garden party garb (perfect for an outdoor or backyard affair)

Choose a color and ask everyone to incorporate your chosen hue into whatever they wear

Ask guests to incorporate colors or patterns that represent your culture into their wedding day outfits

Choose a decade that inspires you stylistically and request that guests dress according to that time period

Trends to watch

Some emerging wedding photography trends

Vintage style: A lot of photographers are adding a vintage look to their photos and shooting weddings that have a vintage feel.

Wedding week pics: Couples are starting to request wedding week coverage, especially if they have friends and family in from out of town. He’s already being asked to cover more rehearsals and rehearsal dinners and day-after sessions, so why not just extend the photo fun to a whole week?

Detailed images: More couples are asking for detailed photos of all of the centrepieces and everything that goes into the wedding day. This includes creative shots of shoes, rings and the dress.

Pre-wedding portraits: Different styles of portrait sessions done before the big day, such as a boudoir session as a gift for the fiancée, are becoming more popular.

More creativity: As couples want to get more creative with their portraits, they need more time to get the type of shots they want. More couples are scheduling a few hours before their wedding to go out and have a pre-ceremony shoot where they can be more relaxed and get some images that show them enjoying the moment.

– Abhishu.

Watches for an Ultra Rich Wedding

Watches have always been the most important thing that a person should have to keep a track of the time he is spending on doing any XYZ thing. Watches have emerged starting from the pocket watches which were very much popular during the 1920,s and were mostly found in the pockets of Businessman, Sailors, people in Navy and such high posts. We today get a glimpses of such antique pieces famous today as well and recent trend of change in style statement via Watches. There are a lot of wealthy folks out there who love to keep a collection of exotic and unbelievably expensive time pieces. Below are a few watches one would love to have in their Wrists.

1. Brequet Pocket Watch 1907/BA12($734000)– 

This is a 18 karat captivating having hand engraved and a hand wound movement with a two way rotating crown. It also has a Silver gold dial and a grand strike. This classic piece can be yours at a cost of $734000 US. It occupies the 5th spot

2. Blancpain 1735,Grandce complication ($800000)-

The art of the way this piece is been made is a pure depiction of how a watch is made traditionally. The main feature of this watch is that it has a 1735 caliber with an approx. 80 hour power reservoir. It has more than 700 parts and 44 jewels. The perpetual calendar mechanism displays day of the week, date, month, and leap year.

3. Louis Moinet Magistralis-($840000)-

A 18 karat magnificent piece has features like mono pusher chronograph and a perpetual calendar. There are central chronograph seconds complemented by a 30-minute chronograph counter incorporated into a month sub-dial at 12 o’clock. A date sub-dial at 3 o’clock is accompanied by a day-of-the-week sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The moon phase consists of a rare Dhofar 459 lunar meteorite, a real piece of Moon that felt on Earth.

4.     Hublot Black Caviar Bang ($ 1 million)

 This is the one made entirely from ceramic material, 30% lighter then the normal steel been used in the watch, 100% scratchproof, 100% anti-allergic and rust proof. It consists of precious diamonds in it which are cut with very precision.


5.  201 Karat  Chopard-( $25 million)

Worth 25 million $ , this is the most expensive watch in the world. The watch featured here consists of 3 heart –shaped diamonds, the pink one weighs 15 carats, blue one weighs 12 carats and the white weighs 11 carats. This piece are made to be in a bracelet clustered with white and pear shaped diamonds with a yellow diamond standing up in the center. The total weight of white and yellow carat is 163 carats while toe total weight of the cart is 201 carats. The Chopard is without a doubt at the top of the most expensive watches.

– Harsh Golani

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Theme weddings are one of the latest trends in wedding planning. A theme wedding can be a period wedding, such as Renaissance or Medieval, can be season related, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or just about any other idea. Choosing a theme for your wedding should include your interests, hobbies, andwhat you have imagined for your wedding day.

Seasonal wedding themes are fun for the bridal party and the guests. A Christmas wedding can include Christmas trees as decorations and Christmas themed foods. Red and green is the common colors involved in Christmas themed weddings, but gold and cream are popular too. A Valentine’s wedding can include cupids, hearts, and love as the main themes. Colors that are usually used in this type of theme wedding are red, pink, and white. Seasonal weddings are great if you are getting married on or very near a holiday.

Cultural and heritage wedding themes are very common too. At an Asian theme wedding, you may see the bride in a red brocade silk gown with a Chinese dragon or a phoenix embroidered on the dress in yellow. The groom and the bridesmaids will also be dressed in red and yellow, as white is considered a funeral color in China. Food will include Chinese food, of course! Party favors can include personalized fortune cookies or chopsticks with your names and wedding date on them. Other cultural theme wedding choices are Irish, Japanese, African American, or any other culture or heritage you can think of.

Beach weddings are also a trend in wedding themes. The wedding can be held at or on a beach location with the bride in a traditional dress or something more beach friendly, like a bikini and a sarong. The menu might include a clam roast, a roasted pig, or a barbecue. You can even elope with your family and friends to an exotic beach location. Party favors can include seashell picture frames or custom candy bars.

Weddings that revolve around hobby themes are also very popular. A Golf theme wedding is a wonderful example of this. A golf themed wedding can be held on a golf course with the reception at the clubhouse. The golf theme can carry over to party favors, decorations, and even the food. Centerpieces can be replicas of golf course “hazards” or golf hole flags. Party favors can include mini golf sets or customized golf tees with your names and wedding date on them.

You might want to have a Las Vegas wedding. You can rent casino equipment for the reception and have many glitzy and showy decorations. You can even have entertainment that is Las Vegas inspired. Elvis or Frank Sinatra impersonators would be a wonderful addition to the reception. Your party favors can be mini slot machines, chocolate coins, or poker chips with your names and wedding date on them.

Other theme weddings are butterflies, Halloween, flowers, gardens, and even job related themes. You should take you and your fiancés/fiancée’s interests into account when planning a theme wedding. Make it fun for both of you and your family and you will have planned a successful wedding!

– Haritha Vunnam

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The seven pheras or ‘saat fere’ is one of the most important wedding rituals of Hindu weddings and are the seven sacred vows the wedded couple makes to each other and to God. Also known as ‘satpadi’ this ceremony entails the couple walking around the holy fire seven times, each step representing a different wedding vow, prayer and wish.

Since these vows are normally in Sanskrit, unfortunately many of us often sit through weddings with the special significance of this wedding ritual going totally over our heads. Let’s take a look at the gist of these momentous seven steps:

1: The couple prays to God so that he always blesses them with enough food and nourishment as well as an honourable life together. The groom vows to give her his love and affection and provide for the happiness and welfare of the bride and their children and asks the bride to provide him with food to sustain him. The bride vows to assume her responsibilities towards home and family.

2: The couple asks the almighty to bestow them with physical and spiritual strength and development so that they can honour their relationship to their best capacity. The groom vows that together they will protect and take care of their home and family. The bride promises to stand by her husband with strength and courage and asks that her husband only love her.

3: They ask God to provide them with wealth and prosperity and the strength to walk together on this path. The groom says that they will look after the children’s education and well-being together and that this is a step signifying his sole commitment to his wife. The bride pledges her love to only her husband and vows to be faithful and committed.

4: The couple prays to God to bless them with happiness and a loving, respectful relationship with each other and their families. The groom says that they pledge to take care of their parents and families and asks that their children have a healthy and happy life. The bride promises to adorn herself only for her husband and please him in every way she can.

5: They pray for noble children and also ask God for the well-being of their relatives as well as kindness towards others. The groom tells the bride how she has completed and enriched his life and hopes that they are blessed with noble children. He asks her to help with good deeds. The bride vows to love, trust and cherish him and also to be by his side and help carry out his tasks.

6: The couple prays for longevity and a joyous togetherness. The groom expresses how happy he is to have his bride is his life and hopes that she always has peace and contentment. The bride promises to always be with her groom.

7: This phera marks the completion of the ritual where the couple asks to be granted with mutual understanding, loyalty and a strong relationship. They both pledge their total devotion to each other.

There are some variations among the different communities or regions – some communities only have 4 pheras while some have more, in some weddings the bride and groom are bound by the duppata whereas in other the groom holds his bride’s hand or there are variations regarding which pheras are led by the bride or groom.

– Haritha Vunnam

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Want to have a beautiful wedding in the middle of the Arabian Sea? The Lakshadweep Islands off the coast of mainland India is a stunning destination and one that wasn’t been completely taken over by tourist traps yet. Pristine, serene and exotic, Lakshadweep is one of the best destinations to have a unique beach wedding in India. This tropical paradise is a great place for weddings of all sizes and the breathtaking views are perfect for a romantic special occasion such as this.

A collection of thirty six islands, Lakshadweep is the only collection of islands in India that is said to have a coral reef. Located off the southwest coast of India, it is approximately 300 – 400 kms from Kerala. You can fly from Cochin in Kerala to the island of Agatti or travel by ships that operate between Cochin and different islands that comprise Lakshadweep. Not all islands are open to visitors or inhabited and special restrictions apply to foreign nationals. You can check out islands like Bangaram, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti, Minicoy and Kadmat for possible wedding destinations. Every island has its own unique characteristics and features that make them gorgeous wedding destinations. For example, Agatti is rich in marine life and lovely coral reefs, Kavaratti is the more developed area since it is an administrative capital and Kalpani is known for its big lagoon and pretty islets.

Rich in flora, fauna and marine life these islands are home to vistas that will take your breath away. There are many resorts and hotels close to the azure waters and sun kissed sands to plan yours and your guests’ stays and lots of outdoor activities. Not only can you book beachside hotels for your dream beach wedding but also hire a cruise ship or a boat to hold your wedding at. Imagine solemnizing your marriage in the middle of the emerald sea…romantic! If you are looking to a have a wedding without the usual pomp and circumstance and something more pure and intimate, this is a great destination for you.

Known as one of the most popular dive spots in the country Lakshadweep is great for water babies in particular. You can treat yourself and your wedding guests to activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, para-sailing, fishing and other water sports. For your honeymoon you and your significant other can sail over to one of the more unadulterated islands as well. A great place for couples looking to tie in adventure with one of the most romantic days of their lives; these coral islands are remote and relatively untouched yet equipped enough for a truly beautiful destination wedding.

– Haritha Vunnam

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The Top five Getaways to Fall in Love with

Want a change in the way you want to spend quality time with your loved one? After several visits to restaurants, having candle light dinner, champagne is not your kind of a thing then the perfect thing can be “The Canadian Rockies” in Canada. And if you are tired of wearing smart clothes any where you go, then definitely the majestic Canadian Rockies is a place to be in. The landscape which is far away from the bustling traffic and huge crowd gathered around you is the place where you can spend a quality time with your partner.

With five National Parks declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites located within the Rockies, there are plenty of space, wilderness, and nature to explore and admire hand in hand with your admirable.

The Place can be perfect for skiers in love, Hikers in Love or Cyclists in Love.

Image Courtesy- Paulhami

If the wild mountains of Canada are not the choice you wanted then the “Exotic Praslin island in Seychelles” can change your taste. Located in the middle of Indian Ocean and around mainland of Africa there are around 115 stunning islands for the couples looking for relaxing and calm surroundings. White Sands, turquoise water and lush forests are ideal for romantic time to be spent together. And adding to it, not much tourists go all together here. So you can have a quality time with your partner.

 Image Courtesy- Medmoiselle T

The third such place in our list is a city, lost in the traffic and dense concrete jungles, still you can find the warmth of a romantic atmosphere. If the time is limited for the couples in the city, then they can take a tour to the cruise around the “Tokyo Bay”. City full of amazing and magnificent night life, a dazzling rainbow bridge, modern architecture can see couples taking and amazing time out with scenery all around. A Romantic Dinner, Italian feast or a sunset tour for the two of you can be arranged by the cruise. All in all a perfect place to spend quality time.

Image Courtesy- Stefan

A small town located in Germany can be as romantic as a fairy tale for the bride. “Meersburg”, the place where you feel like  making the time halt for moments to come, a place with beautifully crafted architecture, filled with Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Vineyards, Apple Grooves. The time most appropriate for a visit can be the Spring Season when the whole area is covered with Flowers.

The last but not the least on this list is “Santorini in Greece”. The place is filled with complete romance everywhere you go. The Archipelago’s house’s White walls, Charming little streets, beautiful small gardens  a worth remembering cuisine, Cliffs you feel like gold, dazzling Sea, Spectacular Sunsets, and truly a paradise for the lovers.

It is true that with whom you share life is a lot more important than where you do it, but just as a fire dies down after some time and needs another sparkle to explode ablaze again, your relationship will, too, benefit from such passion-kindling, get-away-from-it-all therapy applied from time to time.

– Harsh Golani


Manipur is a state with unique customs and traditions. And, so are their weddings. Let’s discover it all…


Hinaba: The Hinaba is the first meeting of the parents of the groom and the bride. The groom’s parents visit the bride’s home to tally the horoscopes of the prospective couple. When found to be satisfactory, the date of the next meeting is fixed.

Yathang thanaga: Now, it’s the turn of the bride’s parents to return the visit and finalize the alliance.

Waraipot puba: In celebration, the groom’s family bring traditional sweets and other dishes to the bride’s home.

Heijapot: The groom, along with his family members, visits the bride’s home. The couple are formally engaged in the presence of both the families. After the engagement, the priest announces the date of the wedding.


The groom, his family and other kinsmen arrive at the bride’s place and are greeted by a Meitei woman. With a thali covered with banana leaf and containing betel nut and betel leaves, they are accorded a warm welcome into the house. The seating arrangement and the wedding altar is made around the tulsi (basil) plant around which all the rituals are cantered. A diya (earthen lamp) is lighted and the groom’s feet are washed by a young boy from the bride’s family. The bride, adorned in       the opulent Rasleela dress, is now brought to the altar. She carries a garland of fresh flowers which she has made herself. After the garlanding, the couple takes seven circles around the tulsi plant amidst the sounds of shehnai and kirtans. The bride enacting the role of a gopi (Lord Krishna’s beloved) moves gracefully with the rhythmic tunes of the shehnai. Following this, two women from both the families release a pair of taki fish into the water, symbolizing the bride and the groom. It is considered a good omen if the fishes move side by side in the water. Thereafter, a lavish meal is first served to the deities. The guests are then served dakshina (token money) and sweets for having graced the occasion. Finally, the bride leaves for her new home with the groom and his family.


On the day after the wedding, the bride’s parents visit their daughter’s new home and check on her well-being. Mangani chakouba, which is the last ritual in a Manipuri wedding, takes place five days after the wedding. This marks the newlyweds’ first visit to the bride’s place. The friends and relatives of both the families are invited for a grand feast, which includes many items of fish and other authentic Manipuri dishes. The guests also present the newlyweds with various gifts like rice, meat, fowls, pigs, money or alcohol to mark their new journey of life.

– Haritha Vunnam