The Top five Getaways to Fall in Love with

Want a change in the way you want to spend quality time with your loved one? After several visits to restaurants, having candle light dinner, champagne is not your kind of a thing then the perfect thing can be “The Canadian Rockies” in Canada. And if you are tired of wearing smart clothes any where you go, then definitely the majestic Canadian Rockies is a place to be in. The landscape which is far away from the bustling traffic and huge crowd gathered around you is the place where you can spend a quality time with your partner.

With five National Parks declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites located within the Rockies, there are plenty of space, wilderness, and nature to explore and admire hand in hand with your admirable.

The Place can be perfect for skiers in love, Hikers in Love or Cyclists in Love.

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If the wild mountains of Canada are not the choice you wanted then the “Exotic Praslin island in Seychelles” can change your taste. Located in the middle of Indian Ocean and around mainland of Africa there are around 115 stunning islands for the couples looking for relaxing and calm surroundings. White Sands, turquoise water and lush forests are ideal for romantic time to be spent together. And adding to it, not much tourists go all together here. So you can have a quality time with your partner.

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The third such place in our list is a city, lost in the traffic and dense concrete jungles, still you can find the warmth of a romantic atmosphere. If the time is limited for the couples in the city, then they can take a tour to the cruise around the “Tokyo Bay”. City full of amazing and magnificent night life, a dazzling rainbow bridge, modern architecture can see couples taking and amazing time out with scenery all around. A Romantic Dinner, Italian feast or a sunset tour for the two of you can be arranged by the cruise. All in all a perfect place to spend quality time.

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A small town located in Germany can be as romantic as a fairy tale for the bride. “Meersburg”, the place where you feel like  making the time halt for moments to come, a place with beautifully crafted architecture, filled with Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Vineyards, Apple Grooves. The time most appropriate for a visit can be the Spring Season when the whole area is covered with Flowers.

The last but not the least on this list is “Santorini in Greece”. The place is filled with complete romance everywhere you go. The Archipelago’s house’s White walls, Charming little streets, beautiful small gardens  a worth remembering cuisine, Cliffs you feel like gold, dazzling Sea, Spectacular Sunsets, and truly a paradise for the lovers.

It is true that with whom you share life is a lot more important than where you do it, but just as a fire dies down after some time and needs another sparkle to explode ablaze again, your relationship will, too, benefit from such passion-kindling, get-away-from-it-all therapy applied from time to time.

– Harsh Golani



Are you planning for a wonderful honeymoon getaway, where you would find peace and tranquillity; matched with incomparable service and be treated like a king? Do you feel that money is not an issue with you, but this special once-in-a-lifetime visit should be the best and most talked about in your family and society? Then here are some ideas to get you going.

The Forbes 2005 survey was able to narrow down on the following honeymoon destinations that might leave you feel pampered, loved and taken care of, just like the Kings and Queens of the past age.

  1. 1.   AMANJENA MARRAKECH, Morocco

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Quotes from the media:


“Just 15 minutes from the centre of the city, Amanjena combines relaxation and intimacy with exceptional service, comfort and cuisine. It is, quite simply, unique.” Gallivanter’s rating: One in a Million

Gallivanter’s Guide, UK

 “With La Mamounia making its debut as the lavishly buxom Brigitte Bardot of Marrakesh, Amanjena endures as the more discreet Catherine Deneuve. Greeting me with considerably more demure, yet still divine assets, its love at first sight.  Utterly relaxed, my visit feels like a sprawling, movable feast through the home of a well-traveled sophisticate – rare books stacked hip high, carved monoliths, saffron spiced air and swirling veils.  I’m barely three steps into the foyer when a smiling attendant pours me a classic Moroccan mint tea and welcomes me with a dish of honeyed sweet cakes.  A sun-baked, coral pink palace framed by the vast Atlas Mountains shimmering in the distance, Amanjena is an exercise in subtle beauty…”
“Amanjena is an exercise in subtle beauty.”
“All the experiences they crave are flawlessly executed by discreet staff, a sort of peerless Arabian Nights fantasy by way of Town and Country.”

The Globe and Mail, Canada
on Amanjena, March 2011

Do we need to get you more excited about visiting this place? The place is an artistic arena of grandeur, flamboyance and a paradise in itself, as the name AMANJENA means; “peaceful paradise”.


(images ref:

Are you a history fanatic? Do you wish to re-live the grandeur of the Medieval Age? Welcome to Chateau de le Chevre d’Or.

The hotel is located in Eze, a tiny village that was established way back in 500B.C, and still gives an appearance of medieval times. It’s beautifully located on a hillock over the Mediterranean Sea and the view of the Sea from this hotel would make you come close the beauty of the nature.


Would you like to have that feeling that you own the most looked at and sought after cities in the world? Come to the Four Seasons New York hotel and let us help you do so. Book the newly built presidential suites or bask in the grandeur of the Times Warner Suites, they will surely get you feeling as if you already own this city. The innumerable facilities that are complimentary with your stay in this hotel, is sure to get you feeling like a President already.


Want to live in the quiet, serene background of the islands of Hawaii? Want to have a taste of the food of the British family and boast to say that you ate as the Queen did? Then come to HALEKULANI Hotel. The chef used to cook for the royal family and later Grace Kelly in Monaco. The entire place has been designed by the wedding geniuses from across the globe and thus makes the stay as elegant and special as your honeymoon itself.


Do you wish to stay in the world’s most romantic city and most sought after honeymoon destination for couples all over the world? Come to Paris. Do you wish to order a Rolls Royce to pick you and your beloved from the airport and take you around like the rich dukes of France? Pas de problem, monsieur. Want to have Colin, the hotel’s famed bartender create a signature cocktail for you? He would more than pleased to do that.

In short, the hotel basks itself and boasts about luxury that the name comes associated with. You can walk under the gilded archways of the hotel, or on the marbled floors that gives you a sense of aura and excitement, and also makes you feel a part of something historic but special. So why not spend your extra-special honeymoon in this extra-special hotel? Come to Hotel Ritz, France!

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Kushagra Duvedi

Places to visit in India : Darjeeling

It is said that Darjeeling has one of the best valleys in the world and it can be a perfect stop for the newlywed couples to spend some quality time together. The place is surrounded by a lot of greenery around making the weather very pleasant and atmosphere a lot cooler, and it is as if one is sitting in the lap of the nature. The town is located near Kanchenjunga, the world’s 3rd highest mountain peak. The valley has been popular since the British regime had been in India.

Located in the eastern side of the country in west Bengal, the place is endowed with a chilled and cool weather, courtesy Himalaya Mountains. Right from the time of sunrise till the sunset the valley gives the tourists an amazing glimpses of the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas, Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. Apart from the mountains, the place is also known for its Tea- estates which are not only sold in India but in the different parts of the world.

The presence of Buddhist Monasteries and a few Hindu temples also give this place a religious touch, resulting in the devotees coming down to this place and getting a hang of architectural and cultural significance of this place. The couples can come down, relax, click some amazing photos of the time they spent together here.

Ghoom Buddhist monastery is one of the major attractions of the place which is considered to be most prestigious monastery. Tiger hill, highest point of the city also attracts a lot of customers. The botanical garden is also very famous for its vegetation being cultivated. Also a wildlife attraction is located in the place nearby city which is home to Siberian tiger, Himalayan black deer, deer panda, Llama and various birds. For the honeymoon couples, this place offers surrounding very quiet, pleasurable and romantic as you can also have a candle light dinner in the tree houses and shafts which are built by the resorts nearby and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole surroundings.

The nearest airport is Bagdogra, 90 km from Darjeeling city. Domestic Airlines are well connected to major cities like Kolkata, Delhi etc.  Mentioning about Darjeeling and how can one not mention the “TOY TRAIN” that covers a distance of 88 km from Jalpaiguri and of which 16 km is in Plains. The journey is total of 8-10 hours including its stoppage time, but the journey through the hills is at least once a life time to experience.

Covered by hills and mountains, Trekking is also one of major things which attract tourist from various corners of India and world. Taking a breath taking closeness to the laps of Himalayas is again an expedition to be remembered for life. Newlywed couples can experience an amazing chilled weather even in the month of February when other parts of the country are almost having hot air collers been running whole day.

At last as mentioned earlier, Famous Darjeeling Tea, do have a taste of it and while purchasing, do bargain as hard as you can as the competition in the market is high and so the prices have to come down accordingly.

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– Harsh Golani

Unique honeymooning ideas and destinations

You are through with your marriage. It was a high-profile affair, with relatives talking about it far and wide; friends were left in awe and wonder; jealous eyes were complaining for no reason. You stood in your beautiful designer marriage attire in pride while your spouse was blushing from ear-to-ear as she was decked up in another designer wedding dress of hers. You spent a fortune in this marriage in order to keep everyone happy and as parents like, to have their child’s marriage to be the best in the town. Everybody went away saying THAT’s HOW A MARRIAGE SHOULD BE!

As you left no stone unturned in every arrangement of your marriage, then after such extravagant preparations, how would a bland honeymoon at a place where thousands throng, look like?

That needs to be extra-special as well, something that would leave everyone in your friends, relations and known talking for years together, stating, THAT’S HOW A HONEYMOON SHOULD BE! It should be a private time for you and your partner to enjoy;cherishing the moments of this special time in a picturesque backdrop, away from eager eyes of others, because believe it or not, the honeymoon, after the marriage, is the one moment that would stay etched in your memories for the entire life, as you spend your old days thinking about the moments you shared together in the entire time span.

We bring to you some new and unique honeymoon ideas that we at Ultra-Rich Match provide as options to make your honeymoon a special affair.


How about celebrating your honeymoon in the same suite that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green booked? Or living in the grandeur that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban enjoyed during their honeymoon time span? Or go down in history and live in the hotel where John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy lived in 1953 during their honeymoon time?

Or be treated like a celebrity with the best in class ambience and service that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt feel so proud about? Maybe celebrate a honeymoon like the following couples:

    1. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills,
    2. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
    3. Danny Moder and Julia Roberts
    4. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
    5. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
    6. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, and many more.

The latest in honeymoon styles is the CELEBRITY-STYLE HONEYMOONS, to proudly tell one and all that you were a part of something that only a counted few have been.


How about being away from all people, all alone on the island to have it all to your disposal, while walking along together in the beautiful flora and fauna of the island, or sitting and lazing around on the beach with your partner without the tension to someone seeing you or some eager eyes watching over you. Surrounded by sea from all sides, without any disturbance of the city life bothering you, that’s one hell of an idea!

Imagine telling this to your family and friends; seeing the red in their faces vanishing and looking at you with awe and respect at the wonderful experience you had.


As young, some of the fortunate ones would have seen the TV serials of AlifLaila, or seen cartoons of the Arabian Nights stories. The Egyptian grandeur, the mummies and the pharaohs, the Egyptian dances and their splendour; we offer you the possibility to live life Arabian Nights style.


The highlight says it all and you do not need anyone except your partner to tango with. If you are an urban-minded night owl, then this is a place for you. You can dance your night away and enjoy a move or two of the dancing fiesta of Argentina. There are another 275 waterfalls to visit, with the best being Iguazu Falls’ Devil’s Point. Go there in the early morning with your partner (not to shove him/her down the waterfall) but to enjoy the beauty of the place and spend your special time, as you won’t like to be all alone in this spot but would also not like anyone else to be around you either, trust me!


If you are a country side visitor and like to wander around in the country side, then Austria is the location for you. Never been fully explored but the picturesque country, with many breath-taking views, will leave you awe-struck. The hills appear to be living and completely in you, and the country side is completely untouched. A stop to this not-so-typical honeymoon style might actually get you addicted to itself. You can visit the snow-capped hills-surrounded city of Hallstatt or Lofer in the SalaachValey in South Austria.

For more details, contact Ultra-Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd. to make your honeymoon THE HONEYMOON that everyone dreams.

– Kushagra Duvedi

Honeymooning like celebrities

As children we all had our heroes and models to which we looked up to as our trend setters. As kids, we would go to the barbers and ask them to cut our hair like them, wear clothes like them, even walk and talk like them. We grew into teenagers and our passion to like them stayed same. Whenever we got the chance to go abroad, or had our relatives coming from there, we would order clothes that these actors and actresses wore. As we entered adulthood, the passion went on and we wished to fulfil our wishes to being just like them. We followed brands that they followed; we bought our accessories and tried to look just like them. Till now, we lived our lives pretending to be like them;



Here are some of the favourite honeymoon destinations of our adored and admired HOLLYWOOD couples:


Honeymoon destination for MEGAN FOX AND BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN

“Stunning, amazing, beautiful – adjectives don’t do this place justice. It was absolutely agonizing to leave such a wonderful property,”–          Review of one of the guests.

The hotel provides excellent service and facilities. The people who all have visited this place have been awed with its beauty and the hotel service that try to make a guest’s stay as sweet and memorable as possible. Featuring immaculate grounds, including a calm water beach and 6 unique pools, travellers rave about the resort’s low-key elegance.

2.     LAS VENTANAS AL PARAISO, San Jose del Cabo, MEXICO 


As its name implies, Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, is a window to Paradise.

A Time Warner Property and one of the most acclaimed resorts ever, Las Ventanas has redefined luxury and pampering, reaching out with special touches that are the hallmark of refined hospitality. The desert beach hideaway in Los Cabos captivates guests with expansive suites, inspired cuisine and The Spa & Salon at Las Ventanas, the resort’s recently unveiled sanctuary of renewal and revitalization.

If you are search of paradise, search no further than Las VentanasParaiso. We celebrated our honeymoon, and it was one of the most special trips of our lives. They made all of our dreams come true, and everything arranged was truly unforgettable. Gracias Maria!

-Fellow Honeymooner Review


Honeymoon destination for NICOLE KIDMAN and KEITH URBAN.

Offering the most exclusive island accommodations in the region, this sprawling 44-acre resort matches blissful Polynesian paradise with flawless signature service.

Featuring spacious bungalows over dazzling turquoise water, this retreat’s far-flung location and commitment to privacy make it a perfect hideaway for celebrity couples.

The resort was also the location for the movie “COUPLE RETREAT,” and travellers note that it’s actually far more romantic and tranquil than the film suggests.

“The island is so quiet and serene and it feels like we were the only two people there,” –       REVIEW BY ONE OF THE VISITORS


Honeymoon destination for CHRISTINA AGUILERA and JORDAN BRATMAN 

Surrounded by majestic views of the sparkling Indian Ocean, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay is located above a tree-lined beach, close to Bali’s many cultural attractions and water and land adventures. Steep yourself in local island traditions, unwind with holistic spa treatments and dine on exceptional cuisine within this stunning ocean enclave.

Famous honeymooners are drawn to the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay for the fantastic ocean views and unobtrusive service. The hotel boasts of spacious villas with a private deck along with a plunge pool. The property would allow newlyweds to spend time alone as newlyweds.

  A wonderful hotel, staying there made our trip even dreamier than expected. Flawless service, beautiful rooms, and an amazing hotel pool. 



Honeymoon destination for FERGIE and JOSH DUHAMEL 

The One&OnlyReethi Rah offer a rave, but quiet time with ultimate relaxation getaway for all the superstar newlyweds.

Imagine walking along the locations’ pristine white sand beaches with your partner, or in the lush flora and fauna of the hotel, or lying under the millions of glittering starts in the sky every evening holding hands in hands!

“The feeling when we arrived was that of

 living on a deserted island (with a butler and every extravagance one could want),”



Honeymoon destinations for Marc Anthonyand Jennifer Lopez; John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy; Danny Moderand Julia Roberts; Vivian Leigh and Sir Lawrence Oliver.

Named No. 4 Hotel in the World ~ Travel + Leisure’s T+L 500: World’s Best 2011 Nestled in the Montecito foothills of Southern California’s wine country, San Ysidro Ranch has provided a tranquil vacation destination for discriminating travellers for over a century. Guests are drawn to the Santa Barbara hideaway for its blend of natural beauty, romantic heritage and classic luxury. Private cottages, including the Kennedy Cottage, the location of the couple’s 1953 honeymoon, exude understated luxury and romance with antique furnishings and fragrant outdoor gardens.

The San Ysidro Ranch is a great place for couples to go for a romantic get-away. All rooms are very private. You are really in your own little house with a private patio that includes your own spa and outdoor shower.     – ONE VISITOR TO THE HOTEL


Honeymoon destination for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston; Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

Want someone to entertain your whims and fancies; allow you to live life like a king and queen, come down to this beautiful island where celebrity honeymooners come to live life minus of all its stresses?

Come to Fregate Island Private in Seychelles. You can stay in one of 16 private villas, which come equipped with a personal butler, private pool, Jacuzzi and a large terrace.

The island is equipped with 7 breath-taking beaches, a cliff-top spa and several trails for observing giant sea turtles, geckos and exotic birds in their natural habitat. Doesn’t that make for a splendid honeymoon?

If you like unique experiences, extreme luxury and are willing to let the island try its magic on you, you will not be disappointed. 


– Kushagra Duvedi