Ultra Rich Match – ” Our Ideology”

“There’s a famous saying by Charles Darwin “Like Begets Like”. He said it in context to the theory of evolution. Organisms evolve over time as per their environment. Certain attitudes or outcomes lead to or create more of the same attitudes. This trait can be observed in humans as well with a need to match equals as life partners. And to facilitate this basic human need, a company Ultra Rich Match with a mission to match Millionaires with Millionaires, has come up with a concept unique in India to provide end to end solutions to marriage. Marriage is a time spent in anxiety and tension in spite of spending lakhs and crores of rupees by the rich. It should be a time of enjoyment or to put it in other words should be a carnival for both the families. Working on this ideology, Ultra Rich Match takes over all the responsibilities and conducts world class weddings and wedding planning services are provided. The bride and the groom are made to feel royal on their D-day, something that they deserve as wedding day is celebrated throughout the married couples life. Ultra Rich Match believes in creating long term association with their clients by providing after marriage services as well which include first anniversary, first Diwali etc. A unique and bold concept, which may take some time to find its footing but a much needed at the same time ”

Varun Goyal.

Ultra Rich Match

A New Idea !!!

new guy in townnn…lets kick it off with a blockbuster and radically game changing idea of bringing millionaires together…a millionaire for a millionaire is their mantra…yup u heard it right…Ultra Rich match, a wedding and Match Making company which provides end to end marriage solutions which includes everything that u can ever imagine occurs in a wedding be it match making, wedding planning, catering, decorations, venue, travel packages, jewelers, designer clothes…phewww…those are a lot of services to offer by a startup company…but then again those who dream big only land to the moon…Ultra Rich Match’s CEO Mr. Saurabh Goswami, a dynamic and determined personality has put his heart and soul in this company…with a vision to utilize the ever expanding millionaire population of India, he started a company and recruited trainees from India Top 25 B Schools…they are an instant hit because of the job profile they are offering which all the core aspects that a normal intern would never dream to cover…kudos to the director for coming up with such an innovative idea…now let’s see how this company fares…

Varun Goyal

Ultra Rich Match

What We Do


UltraRichMatch.com is a premium brand in the match making industry. The unique proposition of the company is its dedicated focus on match making for the millionaires. The product in itself, along with its value added services, has been devised as per the requirements of the ultra rich. The offerings are such which thoroughly suit the status and the eminence of the company’s esteemed clients.