No one would have ever wondered if a chocolate pudding could be on the list of one of the most expensive dishes in the world, but it is. Lindeth Howe Country House is an English residence in England’s lake district with spacious rooms, in house hospitable treatments and an award winning restaurant which offers this exorbitant chocolate pudding which definitely costs a fortune. The residence serves its guests with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. The Chocolate pudding is the creation of Executive Chef Marc Guilbert, it is a combination of four different fine Belgium chocolates molded into the shape of a Faberge egg, layered with champagne jelly, with an edible gold leaf on top and is served with a bottle of top shelf champagne and caviar. This intricacy costs $ 35,000 which only people having deep pockets can afford.

The chocolate pudding has to be ordered at least two weeks in advance. The chocolate dessert has a golden appearance and looks like royal Easter egg with edible golf leaves served as garnish. The flavor of the pudding includes taste of orange, peach as well as whiskey. Not only this, the delicacy is served with Champaign caviar and a two carat diamond, no wonder why it is called one of the most expensive desserts in the world.

This dessert will make the taste buds go bonkers due to its lavish ingredients. The dessert has been ranked on the top for the most expensive dessert in the world by the World record academy. However, the Guinness book of world records has not yet kept this delicacy on the top.

This dessert might cost way too much for a normal person but it is worth the taste and the experience. The taste of the dessert will linger in the mouth for life.

Five of the most exclusive expensive shopping destinations of world – By Chandana Sruthi

Shopping in Luxury


If your heart is set on shopping, why not do it at the best luxurious shopping destinations in the world? If you also like travelling, you get to travel and shop at the same time. Two birds for one shot!! Let’s have a look at the best luxurious shopping destinations of world. Just plan your next travel to one these destinations and shop to your heart’s content. But, again, is the heart ever satisfied when it comes to shopping?

  1. New York

London tops the list for obvious reasons. Madison and Fifth avenues are lined with luxury boutiques and larger department stores that cater to well-heeled shoppers. You’ll find Barneys New York, Cartier, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue and dozens of other high-end boutiques and upscale shopping destinations in this district. What more can one desire? A simple walk down the Fifth Avenue will fill your heart with the displays and window shopping. Not to mention, the New York City landmarks around Midtown, which is just a few blocks away.

  1. Paris

You can be in shopping heaven for a few days, thanks to the several streets in Paris, which are home to flagship boutiques and finest Haute Couture shops. The Triangle d’Or just makes your heart flutter. The shopping possibilities can be overwhelming with the flagship stores like Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Dolce e Gabbana, Max Mara, Christian LaCroix, Valentino, Prada, Ungaro, Joseph, Bonpoint, Jean Louis Scherrer, Gucci, Pucci, Loewe, Krizia, Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Nina Ricci, Ynes de la Fressange, Donna Karan, Celine and the list goes on. Other shopping destinations in Paris is Champs-Élysées, which is best for modern fashion essentials.

  1. Milan

In Milan, several urban areas are entirely given over to the business of luxury shopping. Quadrilatero della Moda is set amidst four of Milan’s most expensive and prestigious shopping streets, namely via Montenapoleone, via Manzoni, via della Spiga and corso Venezia. This fashion rectangle is home for the finest Italian leather goods. world-renowned designers and, the latest designer collections. Flagship stores like Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Valentino, Armani, Trussardi are some among the numerous stores.

  1. London

London’s famous Bond Street is renowned for its exclusive brands, designer fashion, fine jewels, art and antiques. It is home to some of the world’s most prestigious retailers including Burberry, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co, the street also boasts an impressive number of Royal Warrant Holders. And don’t get fooled by the traditional Tudor exterior of Liberty, the exterior cleverly masks its cutting-edge nature.

Other shopping destinations in London are Dover Street Market, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, King’s Road, Mayfair, St James’s, The Royal Exchange, Connaught Village, Savile Row, Sloane Street and, the Westfield London.

  1. Beverly Hills, California

Rodeo Drive is home for the famous Rodeo Collection shopping mall. It is a stunning destination to explore during your holiday trip and not to mention, one of the best places to spot celebrities. There are many upscale designer stores on Rodeo Drive that it will take several days to explore them all. Designer boutiques include Agent Provocateur, Balenciaga, Bulgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren, among many others. Just a few blocks east of Rodeo Drive, you can find Beverly and Canon drives, where you can visit local boutiques. Don’t forget to visit the “Golden Triangle” of department stores, home to Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York.

Other best destinations all over the world to max out your credit cards for luxurious shopping are Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco etc. What are you waiting for? Shop till you drop.


THE POWER OF YOGA – By Saidatta Kedarasetti

Yoga is important in human’s life to stay healthy and fit. It is nature’s gift given to human race and connected throughout the life with nature. It is practiced to unite the body and mind in order to achieve synchronization between both. By practicing yoga, we achieve higher level of consciousness and gain control over the body physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. Yoga should be promoted and taught in all schools and colleges which will help students to concentrate on the studies and various extra-curricular activities. In order to achieve perfection over the asanas a perfect guidance is required.

 Yoga is done to achieve inner peace. It calms the mind which will enhance the thinking capacity of a person. Yoga and meditation goes hand in hand. You can control the energy, become flexible and gains strength. The inhaling and exhaling of oxygen is the most important thing in the yoga. Its saves us from the breathing problems, lung and heart diseases. It keeps our blood pressure, sugar levels normal. Women can avoid gynecological problems by practicing yoga regularly.

Practicing yoga makes the lives of the people better. People now-a-days depends highly on medicines to treat their diseases. They are forgetting the nature’s gift and adapting artificial techniques. The medicines which people take are of high dosage and effects the body in longer run. People should start yoga by doing kapal bathi and pranayama.


Luxury dining places in Hyderabad – By Raviteja

Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing metropolitan city in India. In India there are lot of foodie people like me who always craves for good tasty food. Hyderabad is one such place where we will get a range of dishes right from nawabs time to modern times. If you want to enjoy good food experience you need to visit some places in Hyderabad:

Prego – The Westin


One of Hyderabad’s authentic Italian restaurants, Prego serves a selection of Italian wines, gourmet pizzas and rich, creamy pastas. Try the Calamari Fritti Con Salsa Tartara and the Pizza All’Aragosta which is a barbequed lobster pizza with a red onion jam and black olives or you could make your own pizza with a variety of toppings available. End your meal with the classic Tiramisu. If you’re an Italian food lover this is a must visit and we can be sure that you will keep coming back!


Ohm – Hotel Avasa

Ohm is located in the lobby area of Hotel Avasa just beside the reception. It is rated as one of the best Pan Asian serving restaurants in Hyderabad. The ambiance of the restaurant is elegant with right amount of lightning. The culinary creations


here vary from classical Cambodian to contemporary Chinese. So, prepare your taste buds for some oriental craftsmanship.


Celeste – Taj Falaknuma Palace


The experience of eating at the Taj Falaknuma is special – from the warm welcome at the gatehouse to the trundling golf cart ride through the grounds and to your arrival at the main building itself, you feel transported to a different era. This elegant all-day-dining restaurant offers classical Italian and Mediterranean fare that appeal to the palate of even the most discerning connoisseurs. The fine pizzas and pastas, antipasti and cutlets are created with ingredients sourced from across the globe.


Top Private Islands in the World – By Sandeep Manohar

  • Lanai Island – $610 M ( Hawaii, US)

It is the most expensive Island in the world. It is the 6th largest Island in Hawaii. The owner of this Island is the founder and CEO of Oracle. (Larry Ellison) He is one of the top 10 richest persons in the world. This Island is also known as the pineapple Island. It has around 3000 population on the Island.


  • Lisbon Island – $310 M (Lisbon, Portugal)

This Island is situated nearby the Lisbon ( Capital and the largest city in the Portugal) . Lisbon is one of the Oldest cities in the world. This Island is a massive one with 3000 acres of Land which is under developed and primed. The city has a huge population and the Island is an Ideal Location and Spectacular.


  • Rang Yai Island – $160 M (Phuket, Thailand)

It is just 20 min away from the Phuket international Airport. The Island is very beautiful with the tropical forests and the sandy beaches and the blue water of the Indian Ocean. The Island is of 110 acres with a heavy price Tag around $160 M. The Island benefits from a 360 degrees view.


  • Necker Island – $100 M ( Caribbean )

This Island is owned by the owner of the Virgin brand he is Richard Branson in his late twenties. When he bought this it is uninhabited and not developed but now it is an exclusive luxurious resort which can accommodate around 30 guests. This Island is in Caribbean which is a part of the BritishVirgin Islands.


  • Ronde Island – $100 M ( Caribbean, Greneda )

It is one of the private Islands of the Caribbean which is not developed but it is highly expensive to own. It is a 2000 acre jewel like Island which is put for the sale at $100 M. It’s features are breathtaking, rich in wildlife, and even there is a cave opening underground decorated with quartz crystals and stalactites.


  • Macapule Island – $95M ( Mexico, US)

This Island is in proximity to the United states and few hours flight to the Americans. It is located in the Sea of Cortez which is 5229 acre Island and on the shore of  and the small resort town Las Glorias Beaches. It is still under developed but it has easy access to the amenities, utilities and water. It has beauty, potential and convenience to become a prime tourist  destination especially for the Americans.

  • D’Arros Island – $94 M ( Victoria, Seychelles)

This Island was discovered by the European Soldiers and named after Baron d’Arros . This Island is a part of  Amirante Islands group. It is located west of the Granitic Inner Seychelles.  It was owned by the Liliane Bettencourt ( daughter of founder and main share holder of the L’Oreal) and later this has been acquired by the Save Our Seas Foundation and It is officially designated as the nature reserve.

  • Apo Island – $72 M ( Barangay, Philippines )

It is a volcanic Island of 74 hectares in land and located 7 km southeastern tip of Negros Island and 30 km south of Negros Oriental capital of Dumaguete in Philippines. The Apo means the Old Man. The Island in under the control of the Negros Oriental capital. It has a marine reserve and is a tourist destination with popular dive site and snorkeling. It has nearly 1000 population on the Island.

  • Caye Chapel – $65 M ( Belize City, Central America)

This Island is small and located 16 miles north-east to Belize City in the Central America. It is highly Expensive and a good Investment because of the presence of 25,000 square-foot club house with a large swimming pool and bar, and 18-hole golf course, a deep water-marina and it’s a best place for the luxurious people to hang out.

  • Omfori Island – $60 M ( Mainland Greece)

There are thousands of beautiful Islands surrounded the Mainland Greece this is a great appeal for tourism. Omfori Island is located in the Lonian Sea, currently it is not a habitat for living it has only one house and This place could be modified into a paradise Island. It has turquoise waters and Greek beaches to add to its natural beauty.

Wine – By Raviteja


Which is better either booze or books or both? Some authors prefer a choice of their drink and write great stories or show their creativity over booze. Sometimes spending more time only on books gives a bad headache. But the combination of booze and books allows the power to intoxicate themselves and writes smoothly. Some of the epic authors in the history are also legendary drinkers. So here are a few authors and their signature drinks. You will get to know that when you throw a literary booze/cocktail party.

Now I am suggesting you to booze daily to write a book. “Write drink and edit sober” is a catchy phrase until you realize you can write multiple sentences if you over booze. Anything in excess in harmful for health. Few authors are in the history who died due to excess alcoholism. To each author they have their own way of doing things.

Here are some authors who drinks can give spark to your creativity.

1. Ernest Hemingway: Mojito

Hemingway was an enthusiastic drinker, to say the least. He indulged in a wide range of beverages, but the mojito was his particular favourite. The mojito was invented at La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba, where Hemingway liked to hang, drink, and write. Or, as he put it, “A man does not exist until he is drunk.”


2. Jack Kerouac: Margarita

His writings were so beautiful and died because of liver failure. His favourite drink was classic margarita.


3. Maya Angelou: Sherry

Maya Angelou loved writing with sherry. It was part of her daily routine. She’d rent a hotel room and settle in with a legal pad, an ashtray, and a bottle of sherry, to get the creative juices flowing. She didn’t feel the need to wait until cocktail hour.


These are some of the great authors who prefer their favourite drink and write beautiful and heart-touching stories.

Rich people do write some great stories and they do prefer boozing. Big fat weddings starting from match making which is done by Ultra Rich Match targets niche segment of the market.

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Destination Wedding – By Shashank Patekar

How to choose the best place for your marriage?

Wedding are a gala affairs for us Indians, if it isn’t a big fat Indian Wedding, then it really isn’t a wedding, so how do you make sure that you be the perfect hosts and choose the best place to host your wedding. Worry not we at Ultra Rich are here to solve your destination Wedding jitters.

The key to deciding the perfect wedding location, is understanding your aspiration, believe us, it does not get simpler than this, just sit in a quiet room, and ponder upon the places of your dream, do not think of all the magazines and other rankings, because your wedding would be perfect because you liked it, not because XYZ website rated it number one, they are only useful once you have the right flavor in mind, just ponder over, what scenery do you like the best, is it snow clad mountains, beaches, palaces, lakes or any other thing you fancy, once you have the clarity of what it is you truly want, is the tie you really start preparing for it, planning for wedding is a herculean task, and so we best recommend , meditate before you get busy, clear your mind and take the decision, is it going to Goa, Udaipur, Kerala or Kauai.