Watches for an Ultra Rich Wedding

Watches have always been the most important thing that a person should have to keep a track of the time he is spending on doing any XYZ thing. Watches have emerged starting from the pocket watches which were very much popular during the 1920,s and were mostly found in the pockets of Businessman, Sailors, people in Navy and such high posts. We today get a glimpses of such antique pieces famous today as well and recent trend of change in style statement via Watches. There are a lot of wealthy folks out there who love to keep a collection of exotic and unbelievably expensive time pieces. Below are a few watches one would love to have in their Wrists.

1. Brequet Pocket Watch 1907/BA12($734000)– 

This is a 18 karat captivating having hand engraved and a hand wound movement with a two way rotating crown. It also has a Silver gold dial and a grand strike. This classic piece can be yours at a cost of $734000 US. It occupies the 5th spot

2. Blancpain 1735,Grandce complication ($800000)-

The art of the way this piece is been made is a pure depiction of how a watch is made traditionally. The main feature of this watch is that it has a 1735 caliber with an approx. 80 hour power reservoir. It has more than 700 parts and 44 jewels. The perpetual calendar mechanism displays day of the week, date, month, and leap year.

3. Louis Moinet Magistralis-($840000)-

A 18 karat magnificent piece has features like mono pusher chronograph and a perpetual calendar. There are central chronograph seconds complemented by a 30-minute chronograph counter incorporated into a month sub-dial at 12 o’clock. A date sub-dial at 3 o’clock is accompanied by a day-of-the-week sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The moon phase consists of a rare Dhofar 459 lunar meteorite, a real piece of Moon that felt on Earth.

4.     Hublot Black Caviar Bang ($ 1 million)

 This is the one made entirely from ceramic material, 30% lighter then the normal steel been used in the watch, 100% scratchproof, 100% anti-allergic and rust proof. It consists of precious diamonds in it which are cut with very precision.


5.  201 Karat  Chopard-( $25 million)

Worth 25 million $ , this is the most expensive watch in the world. The watch featured here consists of 3 heart –shaped diamonds, the pink one weighs 15 carats, blue one weighs 12 carats and the white weighs 11 carats. This piece are made to be in a bracelet clustered with white and pear shaped diamonds with a yellow diamond standing up in the center. The total weight of white and yellow carat is 163 carats while toe total weight of the cart is 201 carats. The Chopard is without a doubt at the top of the most expensive watches.

– Harsh Golani

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Memorable Gifts: A Necessity in marriage

Is getting married to person of his/her choice or having arranged a suitable match, enough to make a couple happy forever kinds? No, it becomes more romantic and Solemn with an awesome Wedding gift. It can be made special by just providing the Couple respectively a Wedding gift basket full of gifts. Yes, a Wedding Gift basket. An amazing way to wish a couple a happy married life. No matter if it’s an expensive or cheap one, it is necessary that the gift be an interesting one. It will be good if you present a basket of gifts to couple that can be remembered for a life-time.

                           For instance, say you being a photographer can gift the couple a basket full of their photo album that they can cherish forever, making your gift even better and private. Giving them a hamper filled up with food for romantic occasion can also be the ideal choice, while it can make the couples honeymoon becomes cheerier. You are able to send the happy couple a bucket of long-lasting flower like potted orchid which may be a fresh decoration on their new home.

The above are small things but will always be remembered as the special ones creating a lasting impression in the minds of the newly-wed couple.

Harsh Golani