Importance of marriage in Indian Culture


India is a nation with vast and ancient traditions. The country blossoms with an extensive numbers of colorful culture, languages, communities and tribes. India gives great significance to the tradition of marriage. Indian Marriages are always celebrated with great happiness and enthusiasm. Marriages in India are the most memorable event of one’s life. The Indian culture has never been rigid and that’s why it’s surviving with pride in the modern era. It timely imbibes the qualities of various other cultures and comes out as a contemporary and acceptable tradition. That is what unique about the Indian moves on with the time
Indian marriages are performed with great purity and making couple to learn the true meanings of being together. Marriage is also the only relationship, which connects the married couple for the life time. The most important thing in one’s life is to marry at right age, with the right person.
The most difficult task is to find the right person to marry and Indian people spend large amount of time for the matrimonial search. Nowadays love marriages have made easy for the parents to search an online matrimonial site. As now boys and girls find their own life partners and parents are left with the task of showering their love and blessings on their children for their happy married life. In India new concept of love marriage is introduced. It has brought a new revolutionary change in the thought process of the Indians. Now Indian marriages are of more effervescent and exaggerated, due to the participation of the young minds. But in case of the arrange marriages, the process remains the same. The matrimonial search for the potential Indian bride and groom has to go a number of phases.
Parents, friends, relatives of the particular bride or groom really have to do a proper research work before forming a grouping with the other family members. There are various different ways for matrimonial search in India. It sometimes, becomes very complicated to find a perfect match for the potential Indian bride or India groom. But with the origination of internet, it has become far easier to search an Indian groom or bride for marriage.
The Indian culture has never been rigid and that’s why it’s surviving with pride in the modern era. It timely imbibes the qualities of various other cultures and comes out as a contemporary and acceptable tradition. That is what unique about the Indian moves on with the time.


Marriages made in Heaven but arranged by us

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but are arranged on Earth. Marriage is an important part in one’s life. In India Marriage is treated as an alliance between two families rather than a union between two individuals.  Indian Marriages are no less than a festival and are celebrated with pomp and grandeur.


 It starts with the match making process where parents look for suitable match for their children. In earlier period this work   ( of Matchmaking )  was performed by family friends or distant relatives but now things are changed. Nowadays  people prefer newspapers or websites but the point is whom to Trust? Whether the information provided is authentic or not?

The solution to all these problems is provided by our Company Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt Ltd. We provide numerous services for the Ultra rich people which include Match Making, Wedding Arrangements, Printing of Wedding Cards, Honeymoon Packages, After Marriage services. We take all the efforts needed to make a Wedding special. Anybody interested can register on our Website and start looking for suitable matches, This experience  is enhanced by providing video chats on our website and a meeting could be also arranged from our side for the interested parties. Thereafter we make arrangements for wedding which includes printing of designer wedding Cards, deciding upon exotic locations which will make wedding a memorable experience for bride and groom. We then offer Honeymoon Packages suiting to our clients needs and our work doesn’t stops over here, we also provide after marriage services which include sending gifts on our client’s first wedding anniversary.

Thus, we provide an one end solution to all your problem.

Komal Shahani

Latest Trends of Wedding Photography

Hiring a photographer to document your wedding day is a must for any couple tying the knot, but there’s more to recording your “I do’s” than making sure someone is there to snap what they see. More and more couples are craving something different when it comes to the images of their big day – something that goes beyond the standard look and feel of traditional wedding photos. We looked into what they’re asking for and what else is becoming a trend in wedding photography.

Capturing the day differently

The Wedding Photographers business motto is “Let us tell your story differently”. They are expert at capturing the happiest day of your life in a way that’s unique, special and totally personal. They shared their tips for making sure your photos – from the first dance to the last kiss – are not only beautiful, but distinctive, too.

 Wedding Photographers philosophy when it comes to capturing a couple’s wedding day is to bring them something different using a photojournalistic style. He’s always looking for a different angle or artistic look to make images stand out and give the couple something original to look at. Posed pictures are a thing of the past and outside of a few group shots of the wedding party, it’s all about capturing the beauty of the day in a candid, relaxed way. “Other than some time that we set aside to do portraits, we spend most of our time being a fly on the wall and catching the day’s emotions and moments as they fly by,” the photographer says.

Getting personal for better photos

Never mind generic – couples today want to be artists with their wedding. They want to show their personality through not only their wedding day as a whole, but through the photos as well. Photographer and his team encourage couples to look at who they are and share this with their friends and family. “This usually causes them to dig deep and come up with some great ideas,” he says, adding that one couple he worked with who did an “Jodha Akbar” themed wedding asked all of their guests to come in vintage style clothing – something that put a unique spin on their wedding photos.

Choose a theme and don’t be afraid to ask guests to dress accordingly. Some ideas include:

The aforementioned vintage look (which would look great in black and white)

Garden party garb (perfect for an outdoor or backyard affair)

Choose a color and ask everyone to incorporate your chosen hue into whatever they wear

Ask guests to incorporate colors or patterns that represent your culture into their wedding day outfits

Choose a decade that inspires you stylistically and request that guests dress according to that time period

Trends to watch

Some emerging wedding photography trends

Vintage style: A lot of photographers are adding a vintage look to their photos and shooting weddings that have a vintage feel.

Wedding week pics: Couples are starting to request wedding week coverage, especially if they have friends and family in from out of town. He’s already being asked to cover more rehearsals and rehearsal dinners and day-after sessions, so why not just extend the photo fun to a whole week?

Detailed images: More couples are asking for detailed photos of all of the centrepieces and everything that goes into the wedding day. This includes creative shots of shoes, rings and the dress.

Pre-wedding portraits: Different styles of portrait sessions done before the big day, such as a boudoir session as a gift for the fiancée, are becoming more popular.

More creativity: As couples want to get more creative with their portraits, they need more time to get the type of shots they want. More couples are scheduling a few hours before their wedding to go out and have a pre-ceremony shoot where they can be more relaxed and get some images that show them enjoying the moment.

– Abhishu.


Theme weddings are one of the latest trends in wedding planning. A theme wedding can be a period wedding, such as Renaissance or Medieval, can be season related, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, or just about any other idea. Choosing a theme for your wedding should include your interests, hobbies, andwhat you have imagined for your wedding day.

Seasonal wedding themes are fun for the bridal party and the guests. A Christmas wedding can include Christmas trees as decorations and Christmas themed foods. Red and green is the common colors involved in Christmas themed weddings, but gold and cream are popular too. A Valentine’s wedding can include cupids, hearts, and love as the main themes. Colors that are usually used in this type of theme wedding are red, pink, and white. Seasonal weddings are great if you are getting married on or very near a holiday.

Cultural and heritage wedding themes are very common too. At an Asian theme wedding, you may see the bride in a red brocade silk gown with a Chinese dragon or a phoenix embroidered on the dress in yellow. The groom and the bridesmaids will also be dressed in red and yellow, as white is considered a funeral color in China. Food will include Chinese food, of course! Party favors can include personalized fortune cookies or chopsticks with your names and wedding date on them. Other cultural theme wedding choices are Irish, Japanese, African American, or any other culture or heritage you can think of.

Beach weddings are also a trend in wedding themes. The wedding can be held at or on a beach location with the bride in a traditional dress or something more beach friendly, like a bikini and a sarong. The menu might include a clam roast, a roasted pig, or a barbecue. You can even elope with your family and friends to an exotic beach location. Party favors can include seashell picture frames or custom candy bars.

Weddings that revolve around hobby themes are also very popular. A Golf theme wedding is a wonderful example of this. A golf themed wedding can be held on a golf course with the reception at the clubhouse. The golf theme can carry over to party favors, decorations, and even the food. Centerpieces can be replicas of golf course “hazards” or golf hole flags. Party favors can include mini golf sets or customized golf tees with your names and wedding date on them.

You might want to have a Las Vegas wedding. You can rent casino equipment for the reception and have many glitzy and showy decorations. You can even have entertainment that is Las Vegas inspired. Elvis or Frank Sinatra impersonators would be a wonderful addition to the reception. Your party favors can be mini slot machines, chocolate coins, or poker chips with your names and wedding date on them.

Other theme weddings are butterflies, Halloween, flowers, gardens, and even job related themes. You should take you and your fiancés/fiancée’s interests into account when planning a theme wedding. Make it fun for both of you and your family and you will have planned a successful wedding!

– Haritha Vunnam

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Want to have a beautiful wedding in the middle of the Arabian Sea? The Lakshadweep Islands off the coast of mainland India is a stunning destination and one that wasn’t been completely taken over by tourist traps yet. Pristine, serene and exotic, Lakshadweep is one of the best destinations to have a unique beach wedding in India. This tropical paradise is a great place for weddings of all sizes and the breathtaking views are perfect for a romantic special occasion such as this.

A collection of thirty six islands, Lakshadweep is the only collection of islands in India that is said to have a coral reef. Located off the southwest coast of India, it is approximately 300 – 400 kms from Kerala. You can fly from Cochin in Kerala to the island of Agatti or travel by ships that operate between Cochin and different islands that comprise Lakshadweep. Not all islands are open to visitors or inhabited and special restrictions apply to foreign nationals. You can check out islands like Bangaram, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti, Minicoy and Kadmat for possible wedding destinations. Every island has its own unique characteristics and features that make them gorgeous wedding destinations. For example, Agatti is rich in marine life and lovely coral reefs, Kavaratti is the more developed area since it is an administrative capital and Kalpani is known for its big lagoon and pretty islets.

Rich in flora, fauna and marine life these islands are home to vistas that will take your breath away. There are many resorts and hotels close to the azure waters and sun kissed sands to plan yours and your guests’ stays and lots of outdoor activities. Not only can you book beachside hotels for your dream beach wedding but also hire a cruise ship or a boat to hold your wedding at. Imagine solemnizing your marriage in the middle of the emerald sea…romantic! If you are looking to a have a wedding without the usual pomp and circumstance and something more pure and intimate, this is a great destination for you.

Known as one of the most popular dive spots in the country Lakshadweep is great for water babies in particular. You can treat yourself and your wedding guests to activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, para-sailing, fishing and other water sports. For your honeymoon you and your significant other can sail over to one of the more unadulterated islands as well. A great place for couples looking to tie in adventure with one of the most romantic days of their lives; these coral islands are remote and relatively untouched yet equipped enough for a truly beautiful destination wedding.

– Haritha Vunnam

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Necessity for end to end marriage solutions

In today’s era people literally need to take out time to breath. Life has been so such caught up with worries and anxiety that any new household or family work comes on to us as an unwanted burden. Getting your daughter from school  to taking your son out for his karate class is just too much a work along with office and household for a working lady or her husband.

Change in trends of Indian household from joint family were all kids are growing together an no one up to a certain age can differentiate between her NANA and her cousin’s Nana to that of a nuclear family with only one chacha or bua and very limited cousins whom they meet once a year. This change might have given openness to the new generation in the way they want to live and freedom from restrictions but along with that it has increased their work load, firstly to bring up their entire family and secondly to take care of both the office and home as both of the parents are working…..

With such a hectic schedule family wedding is something next to impossible to arrange. The kind of pre-pres required for an Indian wedding are far too much for the present generation to arrange and to top it all, our relatives live far too away from us to help…

This is where you need a planner to guide from the beginning regarding what all you need to how you can get it all in the most effective prices. A planner not only guides you in lifting your first step towards the goal but, is your support throughout your journey and also helps you to evaluate it all in the end.

The call for the hour had actually made it ” The Necessity for end to end marriage solutions”. To enjoy the period (as in India a wedding is not a one day affair) you require a partner who can take away all your worries and leave you free to spend the much needed time with your close and far off relatives. Family marriages must be treated as a family vacation when all relatives sit together and enjoy every ritual without worries. We at Ultra Rich are present in all parts of India to be your partner now..

Anchal Jain

Perfect destination for a perfect wedding

An Indian wedding is a work of imagination….. It can be simple, elegant, minimalistic but stylish. Or, it can be outlandish, bright and grand.

The choice totally rests with the couple and their families.But, whatever it is they choose, satisfaction and happiness comes only when their dream plays out exactly as they want it to be- PERFECT.

Thought and effort is put in every little detail of an Indian wedding; starting from footwear of the bride to the gifts for the guest, the best delicacies from around the world to the honeymoon destinations…
And with all of these, Ultra-Rich weddings are made perfect by their locations. 

Our country with its diverse culture and rich heritage is fast becoming the hub of wedding tourism. From exotic beach locations and majestic palaces to the charming backwaters, the country inspires love, tradition and everything in between. This charmmakes India an ideal place for couples to exchange vows and make their special day extraordinary.

Imagine a majestic palace in Rajasthan in all its grandeur as the backdrop of your wedding having a grand courtyard with acres of lush beautiful gardens, cascading fountains, shady trees, sandstone quarters and finely carved sculptures. A long drive into the lawns leadto the main palace building, where a grand portico extends a stately welcome. Few steps up the grand marble staircase takes you to a massive lounge impressively done with antique portraits, statues and marble works, transporting you to an era gone by.

Or for those who want a quiet and picturesque wedding in a tropical setting, a   beautiful beach somewhere in Kerala holding in its vastness an extremely romantic wedding altar decorated with white and crimson flowers, is a perfect destination. After all what is better than a gathering of family and friends watching the most gorgeous couple known to themmaking a commitment of love in a movie-like scenario.

And now imagine exchanging marriage vows with your life partner in the valley of Himachal Pradesh,with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains or lush green hills and a serene river flowing adjacent to the woods and thousands of flowers blooming. It would just feel like a fairy-tale setting. The Mountain weddings are best suited for those who wants to tie the nuptials amidst stunning natural scenery making them feel the heaven on earth.

Apart from being charming and lavish, weddings in India can also be adventurous. From the thick green forests of Bandhavgarh or Corbett to rafting in Kaudilaya to snow clad Himalayan ranges in Auli, the locations in India are ideal adventure wedding destinations. Adventure weddings are for couples who want to say “I dare” along with “I do”. This certainly befits a wedding with a limited guest list as not everybody finds it convenient to participate in it. So for couples who want to make their special day exciting adventure wedding is great.

These destination weddings makes every moment of the wedding etched in the memory of the couple and simply unforgettable for their family and friends…

– Yamini Shah