10 Health tips to keep you fits in Today’s fast life- by Richa Srivastava


There are a lot of benefits to staying physically fit. You’ll have more energy, you’ll look great, and you’ll notice improvements in your overall health. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay in great shape. However, if you focus on nutrition and exercise, you can make a lot of healthy physical changes. Don’t forget that a positive attitude is also really important to staying fit and beautifully healthy

1.Exercising Effectively:


Exercise is one of the most important aspects in staying fit and healthy. Experts recommend that you should aim to be active for at least 30 minutes per day. Try scheduling your exercise the same way that you schedule other appointments and commitments. If you are finding it difficult to block out 30 or 60 minutes of your day for exercise, try getting your movement in smaller chunks of time.

2.Go Outdoors:


Exercising outside can also have positive benefits for your mental health. In studies, people who walked both outside and inside reported enjoying the activity much more when completed outside. Many parks will have great areas for running or walking. If you like sports, you can also make use of the tennis courts or basketball courts.

3.Be Social:


If you involve other people in your exercise routine, you’ll see a positive impact in your results. Finding a workout buddy can help with accountability. If you schedule an activity with a friend, you are less likely to cancel than if you were only cancelling on yourself. Working out is a great way to meet new people. Try joining a running club or a tennis league.

4.Get the Right Nutrition’s:


When you’re cooking your yourself, you can fully control the ingredients you use. Eating well can help control your weight. Try to eat a diet that includes several servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are packed with vitamins and fibre. Eat lean meats and fish. These will provide you with protein and also gives your body healthy fats. Make your plate colourful. The more colour on your plate, the more fruits and vegetables you are likely eating. Try for leafy greens, like kale, and vibrant orange tones, like those in sweet potatoes and carrots.

5.Build a positive body image:

Mental health is an important part of feeling fit and beautifully healthy. It can be hard to have a positive body image when we are inundated with pictures of very thin actresses and models. But there are ways you can learn to feel good about yourself, no matter your shape. A positive body image will help you stay motivated to eat healthy and work out. Find something you like about your looks and make that your focus. For example, if you have been running a lot lately, compliment yourself on how strong your legs are looking. Avoid negativity. Try not to criticize yourself. It’s fine to want to make changes, but try to give yourself encouragement, rather than tearing yourself down.

6.Focus on how you feel:

  Body image is all about how you feel about how you look. So try to focus on positive feelings. Focus on the good things your body does for you, like give you the energy to play with your dog. When you feel healthy, you will also feel more fit and beautiful. Don’t worry about the numbers on the scale. Instead, focus on how strong you feel and how your clothes fit. Base your personal fitness assessment on your energy levels and overall health, not on your weight.

 7.Get enough sleep:

Make sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep the night before. Not getting enough sleep could amp up appetite levels the following day.

8.Regular Check ups:


One should get annual physical check up to make sure everything is as it should be. There is no harm getting regular check-ups as it’s good for your own body. Do breast or testicular self-exams and get suspicious moles checked out. Getting exams regularly benefits you because if and when something is abnormal, you will get to know about it timely and can consult with your doctor.

9.Do not skip breakfast:

One should have healthy breakfast as it keeps you energetic and fuelled for optimal mental and physical performance. Eating breakfast helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and a healthy weight because you are less likely to overindulge later in the day.

10.Drink Water:0179

Our bodies are made mostly of water. Most fluids and foods contain water that will help to keep our bodies hydrated, but fresh, clean, plain water is still the best and healthiest beverage for maintaining a healthy body. It is the most natural cleanser for our organs and digestive system. Being hydrated is crucial for the brain as well as for helping to flush toxins out through the skin (perspiration) and urine.

“Fitness starts at home. What you eat is what you will look, just as what you sow is what you reap. Eat good food: eat fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and don’t go for sweet and trite food.”

 -Rakul Preet Singh


Greatest Architects in the world – By Sandeep Mathe

1.Antoni Gaudi

 He spent his entire career in Barcelona. His most famous project is Cathedral known as  La Sagrada Familia, 1883. His style was an ornate mix of Baroque, Gothic, Moorish and Victorian elements that often featured ornamental tile-work, and drew upon forms found in nature. His another famous project is inspired by the multi-peak mountain just outside of Barcelona that is  the apartment block known as the Casa Milla. His work can be admired generations together.


2.Frank Lloyd wright

A Wisconsin native, Wright revolutionize 20th-century architect. Inspired by the low-lying building that dotted the American plains, Wright created the Prairie House style as a reaction the prevailing Victorian aesthetic, which emphasized dark decor, and busy embellishments both inside and out.  His most famous building is Falling Water resembles the natural water falls


3.Mies Van der Rohe

German architect Mies Van der Rohe stripped architecture to elemental geometric forms, pointing the way to MinimalismHis designs emphasized rationalism and efficiency as the route to beauty, an approached exemplified by The Barcelona Pavilion, built to house Germany’s exhibit for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona.

His most famous architecture is The Barcelona Pavilion, 1929.


4.Phillip Johnson

Johnson’ role as the founding director of MoMA’s Department of Architect had an enormous impact on the field, making him a gatekeeper who helped to shape architectural trends from 1935 onward. He was also a designer. His most famous project was “ The Glass House “ 1949.

5.Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen’s mid-century designs served as a welcome correctiveSaarinen employed swooping curves that gave his architecture a sense of soaring transcendence—most especially in his 1962 JFK terminal for the now-defunct TWA airlines.

Eero Saarinen, The TWA terminal, 1962

6.Richard Rogers

British architect Richard Rogers was a leading proponent of the style. This building, designed as Paris’s central institution for Modern and contemporary art, suggests a structure turning inside out, with its heating and plumbing systems worn as the façade.

Richard Rogers, Centre Georges Pompidou, 1977

7.Frank Gehry

This West Coast architect is undoubtedly the most famous in the world right now, thanks to his 1997 design for the Guggenheim Museum branch in Bilbao, Spain. The Guggenheim Bilbao remains the finest example of a style he’s applied to innumerable commissions, like Disney Hall in Los Angeles and MIT’s Stata Center in Cambridge MA. Clad in titanium.

The Guggenheim Bilbao, 1997

8.Norman Foster

Norman Foster worked early in career as an associate of Buckminster Fuller, the noted visionary and inventor of the geodesic dome. Norman Foster, The Gerkin, 2004, Its pickle-like form tapering to a point has become an international icon, as synonymous with London as the Eiffel tower is with Paris.

9.Renzo Piano

Unlike other architects, Italian architect Renzo Piano isn’t recognized for having a singular style. Instead, his building have been eclectic, ranging from the Neo-Brutalism of his design for the Whitney Museum’s home in the Meatpacking District, to the elegant, light-filled Menil Collection in Houston Texas, which resembles an overgrown version of a mid-century house by West Coast modernist, Richard Neutra.

Renzo Piano, The Shard, 2013

10.Santiago Calatrava

The work of this Spanish architect has been described as Neofuturist, although sci-fi baroque might be closer to describing it. His buildings often resemble the ribcages of extinct robotic dinosaurs, if such things existed.  His projects definitely attracted worldwide attention—and garnered a reputation for massive cost overruns.

Santiago Calatrava, The WTC Transit Hub, 2016.

Most Beautiful and Popular Cafes around the World-By Sandeep Mathe.

1.Caffe Greco, Rome

It is the oldest and most famous cafe in the Rome which served coffee to many politicians and historical figures in the Europe. The décor is elegant with the gilt, romantic paintings, mirrors, period furnishings, marble, wood etc, which made the interior of the café looks amazing. It is located in the most luxurious shopping street in the city that is magnet Piazza di Spagna with heavy footfall of tourists.

2. Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires

This art nouveau café became a significant cultural stop for the people over the years in Buenos Aires which is inspired in the late 19th century. It’s been like a second home for famous names in the city. It has a great work includes bronzes, woods, photos, marbles, stained glass on the walls. Famous tasty pastries also served here and it also provides poetry recitals and tango shows at night. It is especially known for the love towards “ chocolate con churros”.

3.Caffe Gambrinus , Naples

This café is the oldest café in the city and has a another significance that is it is opened in the mid 19th century it attracted many celebrities, royalty, artists with it’s elegant interior. It has sculptures, paintings by greatest artists, antiques that will catch your eye which having delicious cappuccino or any cakes or pastries. This café is also known as the Naples living s Cafes. This Café hosted cultural events and fancy balls and also it is a best place to gossip or spend some time with colleagues and friends. It is known for stained glass, mirrored interior and tiled with different materials from other countries like Portuguese, France, Belgium etc. This café can be a classic place to have delicious pastries or simple cup of tea or a famous and decent Brazilian Coffee.

4.Café Majestic, Porto

The Cafe Majestic is one of the best Cafes in the World with stunning and attractive interiors. It can be a beautiful atmosphere for cultural events and tourist attraction. The atmosphere in the main room is like a wonderful Belle Epoque and it also has an attractive winter garden which has an amazing look that adds beauty to the café.

5.Café De La Paix, Paris

This café really worth visiting it and having a wonderful experience. It has stunning French capital’s café interior which is worth watching. It has marble tables, glided walls, stucco ceiling. It has best pastries in the whole city of Paris.

6.Café Imperial, Prague

This café was widely improvised and expanded by the Prague’s flourishing café society in the late 1970’s. After world war 2 many died but some of them are alive they brought the glory again with more freshness. It is also known as the Art Deco gem. It has stunning tile-covered interior and ornate mosaic which is an incredibly amazing backdrop to have breakfast, afternoon tea, evening snacks. It is one of the exemplary café in the world.

7. Café Central , Vienna

Vienna has several landmarks like palatial buildings and monumental streets around the city, despite these Café Central is a historical café in the Vienna. The cafes in the Vienna are the inspiration for countless coffee shops in the world. It was decorated with the marble pillars,arched ceilings, grand chandeliers since it is a café in the historic palace. It welcomes tourists and never leave their local attention and also offers live classical music in the afternoon.

8.Café Florian, Venice

The grandness of the city Venice’s can be seen in the palazzi of the city architecture but it can only be felt in the historic cafes. The Café Florian is the best example for that it can take you back to the 18th century with its mirrored interior and frescoed designing. Many writers and artists in the past came here to hangout but now it has become a live museum. The café is worth visiting because it is the  most admired café by the people from years together. It also adds to the Venice Bienalle which has a contemporary art exhibition from the late 19th century.

9.Café New York , Budapest

In the early 20th century the meeting place for the artists is this Budapest legend. It has a dazzling interior featuring with gilded, ornate lamps, and paintings mixed with the contemporary furnishings in the ceiling. Actually this café is both full- blown restaurant and café which welcomes tourists and locals who mostly enjoys for traditional Italian and local dishes with sound and chillout music. Local actors also visit this café and do some amazing performances. This café can be the world’s best café to visit, admire and can make memories for life.


Pets for the Ultra Rich-By Sandeep Mathe

Basically from the good olden days humans have pet animals along with them. Humans raise pets with their personal interests like some of them like to spend time, some want to play with them, some want to feed since they do not have parents and some of them raise to protect them and their family. Usually pets means we think like dogs, cats, sheep, goat, birds, hen, buffalo like that. There are different uses from different pet animals like dogs are the most faithful animals and will guard the house and helped in hunting in the olden days. Cats will keep away the rats from food grains and pulses etc. buffalo, goat, sheep gives milk and meat and hen will lay eggs and also food for non vegetarians. Somebody keeps fish as their pets and some others birds etc. This is all fine and most of us aware of many of the things going on but here is the most important part that id what can be the pet for the Ultra rich people or high net-worth individuals or professionals whosoever they are ?

Now the trend has changed like people who are wealthy are having lion, leopard, tiger, horse as their pets. For a certain breed of dogs only now-a-days it is very costly to maintain them. But pets like lion, leopard, tiger which are wild and cruel animals will be more dangerous and should  be ultra rich to feed, groom, maintain, raise them. These can be the pet animals to show their pride to the world.


Expensive Residential Locations in the World-By Sandeep Mathe

1.Pollock’s Path, Hong Kong

It is located on the peak, this is the world’s most expensive street. The panoramic views over the Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong’s Island is just amazing. It gives a feeling of living in Paradise. This is the prestigious Pollock’s path.


2Kensington Palace Gardens, London

This is one of the most expensive place to live on the earth. This is located in the London (UK). This is also called as the London’s Billionaire’s Row. This is the most luxurious way of living in this priceless street in London.

01623.Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco

This place totally winds along the sea front. The Avenue Princesses Grace is a most Iconic place and it is an exclusive street for the richest on the earth. The space here is finite so most of the developments are carried under rental basis but it is a splendid place to live.

4.Boulevard du Genaral de Gaulle, France

This is highly priciest non-urban location in the world. This Cap Ferrat is on the peninsula which is exclusively along the Mediterranean sea. It also has luxurious hotels and it has been mecca for rich and famous.

5.Paterson Hill, Singapore

This place is also known as the city-state’s billionaire’s Row. It is a tranquil residential area to live peacefully. It has shopping belt with great designer boutiques, famous restaurants. The Marq is the most expensive Condominium located on this road.


                             Expensive Residential Locations in India

1.Worli, Mumbai

Worli is one of the seven islands of the Bombay. This is a locality in the city of Mumbai for the residential purpose and It is the most expensive location to live in India. It is known for its amazing geography and commercial development. It is one of the busiest commercial areas and attractive in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.


2.Vashi, Navi Mumbai

This is a part of the Navi Mumbai, it is locate across the Thane Creek and the Arabian Sea. This place is one of the best places to live in India that most people dream to live. It has great advantages like commercial developments, Vashi Bridge, various big shopping malls, various restaurants, educational institutions, Multi National companies which makes Vashi as a stunning place in India.

01643.Greater Kailash, Delhi

This is a residential are in the southern part of the Delhi. It is also referred as the GK. It has been divided in to two parts but known for both commercial and residential area. Greater Kailash is rated as the safest place in Delhi. Since it is a famous place in the India serial blasts took place in the year 2008 it is just a tragedy. Apart from that it has best educational institutions and hospitals, accessibility and contagious neighborhood.

4.Golf Course Road, Gurugram

Gurugram is formerly known as Gurgaon. It is the satellite city of Delhi. Gurgaon district has 9 golf courses which are famous in India because golf courts are present rarely in India. They all are maintained under the DLF Golf and Country club. It is one of the beautiful and expensive place to live India since it carries luxurious life style.

5.Poes Garden, Chennai

One of the biggest commercial localities in Chennai is Teynampet. Poes Garden is known for its posh bungalows and residences of top class professionals, politicians and celebrities etc. This place is one of the expensive locations to live in India.


Best Art Galleries around the World-By Sandeep Mathe

1.Gagosian Gallery


It was founded in the year 1980. Using its outstanding global presence it has produced museum-quality shows. World renowned architects like Richard meier, Caruso st John, Jean Nouvel has designed 16 exhibition spaces. It is know for its historical exhibitions which mainly focuses on arts like picasso and Andy Warhol. Gallery also has great publications like artist monologues and quarterly magazines and exhibition catalogues.

Gagosian Gallery is located in London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Rome , Athens, Geneva, Hong Kong and Los Angels. The famous artists represented here are Ed Ruscha, Anish Kapoor , Damien Hirst,  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nam June Paik.

01532.   Hauser and Wirth Gallery

It was founded by Ursula Hauser and Manuela Wirth in Switzerland. The gallery is known for it’s shows and also created many exciting performances, happenings, exhibitions, environments and many more. It has published more than 100 titles by investing in multiple arts education like Mark Bradford’s art and youth practice program in the Los Angeles and also at their Somerset location they started an Arthaus Program for teenagers.

This Gallery is located in Zurich, Los Angeles, Gstaad, New York, Somerset

The famous artists represented are Martin Creed, Paul McCarthy,  Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer, Pipilotti Rist.

01543. Galerie Perotin

Emmanuel Perrotin founded this gallery in 1990. This gallery is known for branching outside of the art world it also  has partnered with Massive Attack and Pharrell. This gallery represents numerous French artists  such as Xavier Veilhan, Tatiana Trouve, Sophie Calle  as well as others like JR and Daniel Arsham.

It is located in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul and New York. Artists represented are Elmgreen & Dragset, JR, Daniel Arsham, KAWS, Takashi Murakami.


4.David Zwirner Gallery

This gallery was founded by Zwirner in New York. He has set a high standard for contemporary art and it is also known for famous artists like Neo Rauch and Luc Tuymans. This blue-chip gallery has big names which in turn demand big prices. This gallery is involved in many philanthropic activities like Artists for Haiti, I Love NY Art Benefit, the Acria Unframed Auction.

It is located in London and New York. The famous artists represented here are Kerry Marshall, Yayoi Kusama, Richard Serra, Oscar Murillo, Jeff Koons.


Best Art Galleries in India


  1. Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata


It was established in the year 1933. This is one of the prominent art galleries in India. Many exciting paintings from various Indian and foreigns artists are displayed in this gallery. Famous painting like ‘ A Winter’s evening ‘ by Rabindranath Tagore and another include ‘ Girl with a Pitcher ‘ are displayed in the Gallery. Famous works of other artists are admired by showcasing such as M.F.Hussain, Jamini Roy, Nandalal Bose, etc


2. The Government Museum and Art Gallery of Chandigarh

This museum and Art gallery is located in Chandigarh. Apart from paintings sculptures are also displayed here at this magnificent museum. It is founded in the year 1968. This Museum and Art gallery has different sections like art paintings, sculpture and architecture. This gallery consists of Indian miniature paintings, portraits, contemporary arts. Many illustrious paintngs by Amrita Sher-Gil, Jamini Roy, Raja Ravi varma, Rabindranath Tagore etc are displayed here.


3.Government Museum, Chennai

This gallery is established in the year 1851 it is also called as Madras Museum. This is the 2nd oldest museum and art gallery in India. It is also known for most visited galleries in India. This gallery admires and displays the arts of legendary artists like Raja Ravi Varma. It also has contemporary paintings and traditional paintings like Tanjore, Mughal Era and Rajput paintings.


4.Indian Museum, Kolkata

It was established in the year 1814. This Museum is especially know for its preserving the fine arts and heritage works in India. The museum been divided into 6 sections and the art gallery is divided into 4 sections featuring Bengal painting gallery, Mughal painting gallery, Textile gallery and Decorative art.




I believe that, when a product offers more than it is supposed to, it is a luxury product.

It is not always about how expensive the item is but, it is about the story of its creation, it is about the love by which it was handcrafted, it is about the quality it possesses and lastly it is about the level of sophistication it adds to one’s class.

Following is the list of jaw dropping master pieces that you will crave for.

I love sunlight, but I love my SUNGLASSES MORE!!!

The one that tops this category costs more than a Ferrari FF… Yes, you read that right.

This magnificent frame is made by renowned maker De Rigo Vision for famed Swiss Jewellery house Chopard. The take away point is the special technique used to set the diamonds, enabling them to radiate extraordinary light. The popular “C” logo is engraved on the frames of the glasses. It was worn by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Jones and Elton John. And yes it costs a whopping $400,000.


Picture Credit: https://financesonline.com

Diamonds are for ever

Well, that is indeed true. The most expensive of the lot is the largest rough diamond ever discovered, it is known as The Cullinan.  It weighs 3,106,75 karats. It was cut into nine diamonds, of which Cullinan I and Cullinan II are most famous and are found at Tower of London as they adorn the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross and the Imperial State Crown. Seven other major diamonds are privately owned by Queen Elizabeth II, who inherited them from her grandmother, Queen Mary in 1953.

The Cullinan costs (hold thy breadth) $400 Million.


Picture Credit: https://www.cullinan-tours.co.za/


“The pen is the tongue of the mind.”- Miguel Dee Cervantes Saavedra

Pens are one of the most basic instruments needed for everyday use. However there are pens which can make a hole in your pockets (Did Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton meant this when he said, “The pen is mightier than the sword” :p)

Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen contains over 30 carats of De Beerss diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It has a dual tone rhodium- treated, 18 karat solid gold nib (Poke me with that). The makers say it is the only over 30 carat pen in the world. It costs $1,470,600 and only one piece is for sale per year.


Picture Credit: http://designlimitededition.com


Time and tide waits for no one, true that… But wait, at least I can wear the most expensive timepiece on my wrist.

Kudos to that. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona was auctioned off for a shocking $17.8 Million equivalent to 9030 pieces of 2017 Rolex Daytona. It was a gift from his wife with the message “Drive Carefully Me” engraved on it, in 1968. The masterpiece has a black-and-crème exotic dial. Have a look-



Picture Credit: https://www.forbes.com

I will let you hug me, that’s what you will say when you see the following creation.

Republica Fashion’s Gucci 30 karat Diamond belt was created by the Italian fashion brand Gucci along with the British designer Stuart Hughes. It costs around $249,000. It is sure to act as a magnet to eyes and is said to a stunning antique piece by most belt lovers.


Picture Credit: http://www.worldstopmost.com


I am your traveling ATM- my wallet to me

Wallets are one such object that speaks a lot about your personality. The colour, the texture and the detailing say a lot. The Biometric wallet from Dunhill is the one which every man would love to have in his back pocket. As the name suggests the wallet has a fingerprint sensor, a Bluetooth proximity alarm, a carbon fibre case. It can be linked to the owner’s phone through Bluetooth so that one can find the wallet easily if lost. It costs $825.


Picture Credit: https://www.idiva.com


The name’s Bag… HandBag.

For some women, handbags are more than storing up essentials in it; it is more about what it speaks about her and what impression it makes on others about them and their choices.

Ladies any guesses about the most expensive handbag? No it is not Hermes…

It is the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse. It is the priciest handbag in the world; it has an unbroken record in Guinness Books of World Records since 2011. It is a handcrafted 18 karat gold heart- shaped handbag which took 8800 man-hours to create. It has a total of 4,517 diamonds, comprising of 105 yellow diamonds, 56 pink diamonds, and 4,356 colourless diamonds. This glittering heart will cost you $3.8 Million.

Ladies, will this masterpiece go along with all your outfits :p Check it out.


Picture Credit: https://financesonline.com

Tring tring… Yes next up on the list is world’s most expensive mobile phone.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of one’s life; one cannot even think of stepping out of their house without it. With the advancements in technology, the functions that a mobile phone carries-out have reached a new high. Various smartphones are able to do the tasks which were earlier possible only through a computer. With improvements in performance and rise in specifications a mobile phone is getting way more expensive than a regular computer.

Breaking the records for the most expensive mobile phone is the Falcon SuperNova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond costing a hefty $48.5 Million. It is studded with a huge pink rock on the back. These phones are available in platinum, 24 karat gold and rose gold.


Picture Credit: https://themerkle.com

The second last item in this list is the most expensive footwear for men. A pair of shoe is one of the most important accessories in a man’s attire. Someone has rightly said, you can judge a man by his shoes. Drum roll please… the following pair of shoe is indeed a candy to the eye.

The Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben has more than 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds, which were set onto white gold. The total carat weight scales to an eye popping 340 karats. It took more than 2,000 man-hours and almost a year to be crafted. You will have to shell out a staggering $2 Million to wear these.


Picture Credit: http://www.beautifullife.info

Now that we have seen and read about the most expensive men’s footwear, it is time to have a look at the most expensive women’s footwear. Let me warn you its way too expensive.

The Debbie Wingham High Heels are worth $15.1 Million. Designed by non-other than Debbie Wingham. These heels are studded with the costliest gemstones like, pink and blue diamonds. The body is made of platinum while the plaque is pure gold. The rest of it is made of pure leather but coated with 24 carat gold paint. 18 carat gold threat is used for stitching these one of a kind heels. Ladies have a look; you will definitely drool for it.


Picture Credit: http://www.beautifullife.info