A Mother Says

A mother says………

From K.G. till graduation,

U were always a kid at heart my son.

From your first kite,

to the college’s  fight.

U were so enthusiastic,

for anything that u felt realistic.

U showed me loads of tantrums in temperament,

but always cared for my every sentiment.

U were always disorganized,

but  please try to be somewhat synchronized.

Now when u had grown up dear,

and gonna marry sum gal in future near.

I just wanna say,

be responsible and keep your wife gay.

Treat her like  your queen,

give  her all the happiness that one had ever seen.

She will come leaving her own family,

to become only yours for forever solely.

Be trust worthy and honest to her,

don’t let ever suffer.

As you are the apple of my eye,

she is also someone’s cutie pie.


Namrta Chauhan


The charm of an Indian wedding

“Indian Weddings” We associate it very well with an occasion where people (Guests) or in a simple words “Baraatis” both from the Groom’s side as well as Bride’s side show a lot of Zeal and Enthusiasm. One after the other proper rituals are followed so as to make this auspicious occasion a complete affair without any gap remaining. And in these things how can anyone forget about the Dance, Charm, Band Parties and very recently upcoming DJ Stage been setup near the Stage with amazing lights below our feet so as to make us groom in with loads of Happiness.

Though with the presence of lot of cultures and religion in India, we have seen that the wedding costumes also differ with the kind of people from any religion getting married, but the style of celebrating this event remains the same, in short the goal remains the same.(To enjoy right from the beginning till the End).

For Example, we have seen that before the D-Day (Marriage), a lot of functions are been running in any family. Right from the day the Marriage is fixed, followed by the Engagement day, Mehendi Celebration, Haldi, Dhol Nights till the end i.e. Kanyadaan the joy of the event is never seen to go down.

Truly it is said, India is a land of various cultures and traditions but when it comes to celebrations, all the religions, cultures believe in one thing, “Enjoy and Live the Moment”.

Harsh Golani