Journey Of Marriage


With the life becoming a race and day getting shortened we all are on a track-track of life. We are running after one or another thing in chase of happiness, taking all the toll and keeping our eyes on the final destinations.

We suppose that once we reach there we would b happy and enjoy then. But does it really happens????

Once we chase the thing we were aspiring for we feel like that we had missed a lot in our lives. In quest of some big happiness we had sacrificed all the little moments that were too sweet and adorable .

This is the scenario in every phase of life and even marriages are not untouched  with this race.

In zest of our D – day we miss all the precious moments leading to this beautiful event .The journey of marriage from engagement to the wedding is beautiful at its every milestone.

The voyage starts with the photographs being exchanged followed by the tray of tea in girl’s hand and all the people staring her as if some supernatural power had stepped down on earth. A trail of questions with loads of expectations are on the way. Girl with all the possible decent behaviour  tries to be calm on the most irritating questions and answers every little thing bearing an 32 teeth smile on her pretty nervous face.

Where the in laws are judging her “susheelta” and “sundarta” , boy is sitting in world of different thoughts. He is in dielemme whether the beautiful face sitting before him is beautiful at heart too????Will she love him????Will she take care of her parents???Will she be compatible???Will she be the one whom I had always dreamt of???

He tries to find all the answers in the eyes of gal by looking at her from the corners of his eyes.

The heart of the gal is also at the same pace. Though answering all the whereabouts to elders, she is too keen to know does the boy liked her??? Will he be her prince charming?? Will he support her throughout the life?? Will he be honest and trustworthy???

After all the discussions between elders to each other’s kids, finally it’s the time for the boy nd gal to talk each other. With lots of hesitation and nervousnesss they proceed and on their affirmation rishta gets confirmed  from both sides.

Would be man and the wife exchange their numbers and all of a sudden the unknown numbers  become most recently and most frequently dialled in their cell phone. Every beep makes the heart beat run fastly , throughout the day they keep waiting to be in touch .Together they plan for the future coming ahead .

Love is totally in the air.

They get engaged, many rituals are followed. Their every single day passes as if a light year. Both of them desperately wait for the day when they would tie in the pious knot to be each other’s or forever.

Finally the big day arrives .With all the blessings of loves ones , they enter into a new world-the world that existed only in dreams few months back……

Beauty of any destination lies in its journey and we at ultra rich keep care that none of your milestone gets unenjoyed……………..



Namrta Chauhan

The Wedding rings and Diamond

The Wedding rings and Diamond

Wedding rings are the most important ornament of a wedding. The ceremony of wearing a wedding ring dates 11th century in the western culture. In India it has been much older, we have read stories were rings have been exchanged between couples as a sign of love. Traditionally, the wedding ring is presented as a betrothal gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal thus, represents a formal agreement to future marriage. The wedding ring is worn on the wedding day in the western culture and on the engagement ceremony in the Indian culture. The ring so worn not only depicts the love of his or her better half but also that the person is booked and hence not available for further affairs.

Ring finger- is also known as the magical figure in some ancient culture, while the others call it a nameless finger (Anamika-in Sanskrit). The wedding ring is worn in this finger because the vein in this finger, called (Vena Amoris) as said to be directly connected to the heart, a symbol of love.

Initially wedding rings were like bands a circle which showed a never ending cycle of love for each other and then came the stone on top of that circle to make that band more beautiful.

In the wedding rings 18 carat gold is preferred but, common metal types such as goldplatinumtitaniumsilver and stainless steel are also used for engagement rings. This allows for the bride-to-be to exert her own individual style into the ring in a simplistic manner. Now a day’s Brides are very conscious and particular about their wedding rings because not only they wear the ring throughout their lives but also because it has become a sign of their spouse wealth. The size of diamond in a bride’s wedding band depicts the worth of her husband’s wealth this tradition is actually very old. In older times, the wedding rings were not only a sign of love, but were also linked to the bestowal of ‘earnest money’.

Diamonds have been chosen as the stone in the wedding ring because they are said to last forever. A compressed compound of carbon diamond has an extremely long life. This particular feature of a long life gives diamond a place in the wedding ring. The value of diamond in the wedding ring ranges from some thousands to crores of rupees depending upon individuals.

Anchal Jain

Marriage – A divine Relation

Marriage-a  divine relation

Mehendi hai rachne wali hatho me ghri lali……kahe sakhiya ab kaliya hatho me khilne wali h…tere man ko jeevan ko nai khusiya milne wali…….o hariyali banno

The day of marriage is  the day of sharing a lifetime eternal bond. Fragnance of the D- day since the ritual of roka doesn’t let the future bride and the bridegroom to sleep. All of a sudden dreams filled wide open eyes change the world of the girl and the boy.Both express their excitement in different ways- where the boy expresses it by looking for all the possible honeymoon destinations,the girl gets over conscious about her looks and all the ceremonies .Their heart beats resonate but the way of expression lies in the genes!!!!

The childhood dream of the girl of her prince charming coming to her riding a white horse and that of a boy unveiling his bride on d bed of roses is suddenly going to become a reality. The roka comes with a lot of questions!!!! Is he/she the right person to spend the whole life with? Will she care and love me as my mother did? Will he support me like my father? Will she prove a daughter to my parents rather than a typical bahu and vice versa? They actually try to find answer to satisfy their question for each other by talking a lot just after the marriage has been fixed in today’s scenario.This is the exact time when they come close to each other and take their first steps towards developing understanding-this period basically  bridges the foundation of a new budding lifetime relationship.

As the day of the grand event comes closer followed by a trail of rituals and ceremonies, the families get ample time to develop understanding and this is what actually matters in an arrange marriage which is aptly described as-“saadi na sirf do insano ka balki do parivaro ka mail h” .Each ritual has its own significance but the prime concern is to nourish the budding relation with all the blessings , love and care that can be showered!!!

Finally the eternal bond comes with its own responsibilities and expectations which must be timely and unnoticeably fulfilled to keep the tree of family and relations lively for the branches to bear its sweet fruits and it becomes the responsibility of both the sides to forward a hand of mutual respect to achieve a common goal of HAPPY LIVING.

With ULTRA RICH we help you to take your first steps towards finding a match that will actually prove your better half in every way and later giving this match god’s affirmity to share a lifetime bond.



Namrta Chauhan

Marriages made in Heaven but arranged by us

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but are arranged on Earth. Marriage is an important part in one’s life. In India Marriage is treated as an alliance between two families rather than a union between two individuals.  Indian Marriages are no less than a festival and are celebrated with pomp and grandeur.


 It starts with the match making process where parents look for suitable match for their children. In earlier period this work   ( of Matchmaking )  was performed by family friends or distant relatives but now things are changed. Nowadays  people prefer newspapers or websites but the point is whom to Trust? Whether the information provided is authentic or not?

The solution to all these problems is provided by our Company Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt Ltd. We provide numerous services for the Ultra rich people which include Match Making, Wedding Arrangements, Printing of Wedding Cards, Honeymoon Packages, After Marriage services. We take all the efforts needed to make a Wedding special. Anybody interested can register on our Website and start looking for suitable matches, This experience  is enhanced by providing video chats on our website and a meeting could be also arranged from our side for the interested parties. Thereafter we make arrangements for wedding which includes printing of designer wedding Cards, deciding upon exotic locations which will make wedding a memorable experience for bride and groom. We then offer Honeymoon Packages suiting to our clients needs and our work doesn’t stops over here, we also provide after marriage services which include sending gifts on our client’s first wedding anniversary.

Thus, we provide an one end solution to all your problem.

Komal Shahani

The Festival of Marriage

The Festival of Marriage

“Life is all about getting the best- job, power or marriage.”


Marriages are made in heaven- an expression that all of us have been hearing from childhood. Every individual dreams to have a perfect partner who can share our life. Wedding in India is not only a relationship between two individuals rather it is an amalgamation of two souls, families, rituals, and a lot more.

“India is a rich country full of diversities in all standards. People here respect their traditions, love their culture and family and ultimately require to get the best partner, a soul rich in love and culture”

Weddings are celebrated as an occasion in India and Indian give due respect to the essence of wedding and the way they are performed. It is an auspicious event for Indians and they thoroughly involve themselves in each and every ritual associated with wedding.

We are well aware of the diversities in India ranging from Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs to Christians giving an ample opportunity for all of us to see different styles of weddings. It is a well heard saying with in the Hindu families that-

“Small girls grow up…

Fathers dreams rose up…..

Finding the best match…

Is his biggest job……….

His heart is heavy to send…….

His angle away…….

With high hope and heavy heart….

He bids adieu to her angle……….”

Marriage in India are the biggest occasions for which the parents start planning for the day the child is born especially if its the baby girl. This principle is followed in India irrespective of any caste, creed or religion. There is no doubt that the traditions vary from caste-to-caste but the essence of marriage is the same in all……..



Anchal Jain  


The seven pheras or ‘saat fere’ is one of the most important wedding rituals of Hindu weddings and are the seven sacred vows the wedded couple makes to each other and to God. Also known as ‘satpadi’ this ceremony entails the couple walking around the holy fire seven times, each step representing a different wedding vow, prayer and wish.

Since these vows are normally in Sanskrit, unfortunately many of us often sit through weddings with the special significance of this wedding ritual going totally over our heads. Let’s take a look at the gist of these momentous seven steps:

1: The couple prays to God so that he always blesses them with enough food and nourishment as well as an honourable life together. The groom vows to give her his love and affection and provide for the happiness and welfare of the bride and their children and asks the bride to provide him with food to sustain him. The bride vows to assume her responsibilities towards home and family.

2: The couple asks the almighty to bestow them with physical and spiritual strength and development so that they can honour their relationship to their best capacity. The groom vows that together they will protect and take care of their home and family. The bride promises to stand by her husband with strength and courage and asks that her husband only love her.

3: They ask God to provide them with wealth and prosperity and the strength to walk together on this path. The groom says that they will look after the children’s education and well-being together and that this is a step signifying his sole commitment to his wife. The bride pledges her love to only her husband and vows to be faithful and committed.

4: The couple prays to God to bless them with happiness and a loving, respectful relationship with each other and their families. The groom says that they pledge to take care of their parents and families and asks that their children have a healthy and happy life. The bride promises to adorn herself only for her husband and please him in every way she can.

5: They pray for noble children and also ask God for the well-being of their relatives as well as kindness towards others. The groom tells the bride how she has completed and enriched his life and hopes that they are blessed with noble children. He asks her to help with good deeds. The bride vows to love, trust and cherish him and also to be by his side and help carry out his tasks.

6: The couple prays for longevity and a joyous togetherness. The groom expresses how happy he is to have his bride is his life and hopes that she always has peace and contentment. The bride promises to always be with her groom.

7: This phera marks the completion of the ritual where the couple asks to be granted with mutual understanding, loyalty and a strong relationship. They both pledge their total devotion to each other.

There are some variations among the different communities or regions – some communities only have 4 pheras while some have more, in some weddings the bride and groom are bound by the duppata whereas in other the groom holds his bride’s hand or there are variations regarding which pheras are led by the bride or groom.

– Haritha Vunnam

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Necessity for end to end marriage solutions

In today’s era people literally need to take out time to breath. Life has been so such caught up with worries and anxiety that any new household or family work comes on to us as an unwanted burden. Getting your daughter from school  to taking your son out for his karate class is just too much a work along with office and household for a working lady or her husband.

Change in trends of Indian household from joint family were all kids are growing together an no one up to a certain age can differentiate between her NANA and her cousin’s Nana to that of a nuclear family with only one chacha or bua and very limited cousins whom they meet once a year. This change might have given openness to the new generation in the way they want to live and freedom from restrictions but along with that it has increased their work load, firstly to bring up their entire family and secondly to take care of both the office and home as both of the parents are working…..

With such a hectic schedule family wedding is something next to impossible to arrange. The kind of pre-pres required for an Indian wedding are far too much for the present generation to arrange and to top it all, our relatives live far too away from us to help…

This is where you need a planner to guide from the beginning regarding what all you need to how you can get it all in the most effective prices. A planner not only guides you in lifting your first step towards the goal but, is your support throughout your journey and also helps you to evaluate it all in the end.

The call for the hour had actually made it ” The Necessity for end to end marriage solutions”. To enjoy the period (as in India a wedding is not a one day affair) you require a partner who can take away all your worries and leave you free to spend the much needed time with your close and far off relatives. Family marriages must be treated as a family vacation when all relatives sit together and enjoy every ritual without worries. We at Ultra Rich are present in all parts of India to be your partner now..

Anchal Jain