The Wedding rings and Diamond

The Wedding rings and Diamond

Wedding rings are the most important ornament of a wedding. The ceremony of wearing a wedding ring dates 11th century in the western culture. In India it has been much older, we have read stories were rings have been exchanged between couples as a sign of love. Traditionally, the wedding ring is presented as a betrothal gift by a man to his prospective spouse while he proposes marriage or directly after she accepts his marriage proposal thus, represents a formal agreement to future marriage. The wedding ring is worn on the wedding day in the western culture and on the engagement ceremony in the Indian culture. The ring so worn not only depicts the love of his or her better half but also that the person is booked and hence not available for further affairs.

Ring finger- is also known as the magical figure in some ancient culture, while the others call it a nameless finger (Anamika-in Sanskrit). The wedding ring is worn in this finger because the vein in this finger, called (Vena Amoris) as said to be directly connected to the heart, a symbol of love.

Initially wedding rings were like bands a circle which showed a never ending cycle of love for each other and then came the stone on top of that circle to make that band more beautiful.

In the wedding rings 18 carat gold is preferred but, common metal types such as goldplatinumtitaniumsilver and stainless steel are also used for engagement rings. This allows for the bride-to-be to exert her own individual style into the ring in a simplistic manner. Now a day’s Brides are very conscious and particular about their wedding rings because not only they wear the ring throughout their lives but also because it has become a sign of their spouse wealth. The size of diamond in a bride’s wedding band depicts the worth of her husband’s wealth this tradition is actually very old. In older times, the wedding rings were not only a sign of love, but were also linked to the bestowal of ‘earnest money’.

Diamonds have been chosen as the stone in the wedding ring because they are said to last forever. A compressed compound of carbon diamond has an extremely long life. This particular feature of a long life gives diamond a place in the wedding ring. The value of diamond in the wedding ring ranges from some thousands to crores of rupees depending upon individuals.

Anchal Jain


Marriage – A divine Relation

Marriage-a  divine relation

Mehendi hai rachne wali hatho me ghri lali……kahe sakhiya ab kaliya hatho me khilne wali h…tere man ko jeevan ko nai khusiya milne wali…….o hariyali banno

The day of marriage is  the day of sharing a lifetime eternal bond. Fragnance of the D- day since the ritual of roka doesn’t let the future bride and the bridegroom to sleep. All of a sudden dreams filled wide open eyes change the world of the girl and the boy.Both express their excitement in different ways- where the boy expresses it by looking for all the possible honeymoon destinations,the girl gets over conscious about her looks and all the ceremonies .Their heart beats resonate but the way of expression lies in the genes!!!!

The childhood dream of the girl of her prince charming coming to her riding a white horse and that of a boy unveiling his bride on d bed of roses is suddenly going to become a reality. The roka comes with a lot of questions!!!! Is he/she the right person to spend the whole life with? Will she care and love me as my mother did? Will he support me like my father? Will she prove a daughter to my parents rather than a typical bahu and vice versa? They actually try to find answer to satisfy their question for each other by talking a lot just after the marriage has been fixed in today’s scenario.This is the exact time when they come close to each other and take their first steps towards developing understanding-this period basically  bridges the foundation of a new budding lifetime relationship.

As the day of the grand event comes closer followed by a trail of rituals and ceremonies, the families get ample time to develop understanding and this is what actually matters in an arrange marriage which is aptly described as-“saadi na sirf do insano ka balki do parivaro ka mail h” .Each ritual has its own significance but the prime concern is to nourish the budding relation with all the blessings , love and care that can be showered!!!

Finally the eternal bond comes with its own responsibilities and expectations which must be timely and unnoticeably fulfilled to keep the tree of family and relations lively for the branches to bear its sweet fruits and it becomes the responsibility of both the sides to forward a hand of mutual respect to achieve a common goal of HAPPY LIVING.

With ULTRA RICH we help you to take your first steps towards finding a match that will actually prove your better half in every way and later giving this match god’s affirmity to share a lifetime bond.



Namrta Chauhan

A Mother Says

A mother says………

From K.G. till graduation,

U were always a kid at heart my son.

From your first kite,

to the college’s  fight.

U were so enthusiastic,

for anything that u felt realistic.

U showed me loads of tantrums in temperament,

but always cared for my every sentiment.

U were always disorganized,

but  please try to be somewhat synchronized.

Now when u had grown up dear,

and gonna marry sum gal in future near.

I just wanna say,

be responsible and keep your wife gay.

Treat her like  your queen,

give  her all the happiness that one had ever seen.

She will come leaving her own family,

to become only yours for forever solely.

Be trust worthy and honest to her,

don’t let ever suffer.

As you are the apple of my eye,

she is also someone’s cutie pie.


Namrta Chauhan


Gujrati wedding

Gujrati wedding

Since time immemorable  marriage had been an integral part of human culture.It is way for the propensity  of human civilization.Whatever the latitude we look for ,howsoever the people and their tradition be in that zone of globe -one concept nurtures the core of every human being-marriage.

Marriage is the heritage of every culture and is thought to be one of most essential part of an individual’s life.

With the geographic boundaries dresses change , cuisine changes and the traditions too.Like every other flock of people gujratis have their own customs and beliefs for marriage.They follow a set of different ritual.Behind every difference lies the common idea of blessing the couple tieing into nuptial knots of relation.

Pre wedding rituals

1)Sagai- the to be brides goes to the home of to be groom with matli which is generally made of steel and imbibes sweets n gifts in it.Matli is a symbol of good luck and is a way to demarcate the acceptance of relation by girl’s family.

It ends with a small rasm where 5 ladies from each family bless the would be couple.This represents the promise between the families going to become relatives

2)Garba- is one of the most popular dance form that makes every feet to move on the rhythm.It is a social gathering that takes place a night before marriage.Here the couples dance with daandia in hands.The motive of this ceremony is to introduce the people of same religion so that future couples could be made.

3)Pithi-its an alternative name of the rasm haldi where gal and boy both are applied with haldi paste for the cleansing of skin.

4)Mehndi-bride’s hands and feets are adorned with heena paste.

5)Mandap mahurat-pooja’s are performed in both the homes of would be bride and groom.This is a way of asking lord ganesha’s blessing for the commensuration of new relationship.

6)Grih shanti-this pooja is performed for the happy married life of new  couple and escape of any dosh if present.It is planned on an specific mahurat after matching the horoscopes of bride and groom.

Wedding ceremony

1)Bharat-the grooms family moves to the bride’s home dancing and celebrating.Generally the dulha sits on ghodi but now a days lavish cars are a new trend.

2)Ponkvu-it is an official start of gujrati marriage where groom’s mother in law welcomes the barat with aarti and teases groom by poking his nose.This is away to signify that it is the groom who has come to their door asking for their daughter’s hand.

3)Jaimala-exchange of garlands between the bride and groom.

4)Madhuparka-the groom is invited to mandap where his feet are washed with honey and milk.During this duration saali’s(gal’s sisters) steal the shoes of groom and demand joota churai shagun(gifts and cash)to return them,traditionally the groom is to return wearing the same shoes he came wearing.

5)Kanya agmana-the bride is brought to the mandap by her mama(maternal unle).An antarpat (curtain)is stretched between the bride and groom which is lowered with the proceedings of pooja and garlands are exchanged.

6)Kanya daan-here the gal’s parents keeps her hands over that of grrom signifying that they are giving the laxmi(their daughter) to lord Vishnu(groom).Parents generally fast on the day so as to keep themselves pure for the ritual.

7)Hasta milap-here the scarf of groom is tied to the saree of bride signifying the union of two souls.Pandit chants mantra and relatives shower the rice and rose petals to bless the couple.

8) Mangal Pheras- The bride and groom circle the sacred fire four times, signifying the four basic human goals of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha ,with the mantra chantings by pandita nd their recitation by groom.At the end of the pheras the bride and groom will run to sit down first and the one who finds a seat first is said to rule the house

9) Saptapadi- The groom helps the bride touch seven betel nuts with her right toe, while they recite the seven vows. With each step, the groom chants mantras in which he requests support from his wife.

10) Saubhagyavati Bhava – Seven married women from the bride’s side will pass by the couple at this time and whisper blessings into the bride’s right ear.

11)Chero Pakaryo- Traditionally, when the bride’s mother passes, the groom will tug at her sari as a way of asking the bride’s family for gifts.

12)Ashirwadcouple asks for the blessings of their elders.

Post wedding

1)Vidaai – departure of the newly married couple with tears of joy and sadness. The bride is often carried out by her brothers.

2)Ghar Nu Laxmi- The bride is welcomed into the groom’s home as the Goddess Laxmi who will bring good fortune to her new home. The mother-in-law places a vessel filled with rice at the entrance to the home which is to be spilled by the bride by touching it with her right foot. This is a symbol of wealth and the bride accepts her responsibilities towards her new home.

3)Aeki BekiThe couple will then often play a game called Aeki Beki in which a tray of water is mixed with milk and sindoor (vermilion). In this tray are placed several coins and a ring. It is believed that the person who finds the ring four out of seven times will rule the household. The day is concluded with prayers to God requesting happiness and love for the newly married couple.

Here we at ultra rich match takes care that with the daandias & dhoklas fun reaches its extreme heights and you keep enjoying with no worries of ritual arrangements……..



Namrta  Chauhan 

MARRIAGE-a unique extravaganza

MARRIAGE-a unique extravaganza


Talking technically, marriage is the formal union of the man and woman, typically as recognised by the law by which they become husband and wife. It is a event which everyone seeks to be the best.

Starting from the match making up to the great D day, inspite of the happiness and the zeal that the family possess, anxiety and nervousness is seen very often over the responsible of the family. Ultra Rich is here for you to make each and everyone reach out with their energy like tentacles and submerge into the ocean of happiness and flurry.

We understand the emotion of a mother for her daughter (the bride),the happiness of a father in bequeathing the legacy of the family to their son(the groom).keeping the sentiments and with the same enthusiasm our team looks forward to serve you for the best of the best.

Just tie-in and enjoy ur real family happiness without worrying about the occasion, we are here for it. Marriages are made in heaven but ULTRARICH Pvt. Ltd. is here to frame it into a Legend…




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Every Flower Has Its Story Behind

every flower has its story behind



Every story has a story behind it. The story that’s just imagined and thought over for years and years.

When a girl is married, its not just a day effort of her parents..its a complete execution of the thoughts of her parents while she was growing up. In all her gestures they used to map the day when she will leave and enter a new life.

They start saving the day she is born, they want the best for her, the best dresses, the best decoration, the best of whole of this world and I guess we forget something important the best life partner.

Though we say that god has made everyone in pairs, but to find that right person, our parents strive to their level best, they check for each and every aspect to make sure there are no flaws in their daughter’s future life.

They have pampered her , handled her tantrums, worked to complete all her wishes and to send her to that one person they need all the courage in this world but if the person they have chosen is good and  brings a belief that their apples eye will be safe and will get the happiness of the world, their work becomes easy. They will have the same pain of sending her away but will have that feeling that she is in her happy world now.

But the question still remains unanswered how and from where do we find that right person..?





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Starting from a foetus, then to a daughter, moving on as a sister, then a student, exclaiming out to be friend, being a teenager and then finally a soul-mate for the other. These stages define the life of a girl and we try to define the GIRL on the day of her new beginning that is her Marriage.

The turning of the girl into a bride is though a tedious task for one, but we make it a smooth and a overwhelming moment for all. We do it not as a work but we are passionate for it and look forward for an outcome more than what is expected.

From the latest ornaments to the antiquity of the rituals, we deal in everything which completes the beautiful event. Grooming the bride with the latest make ups, the costumes, matching jewels and lot other required framings. Marriage is a Carnival of Love and we wish to make it for the bride as well as for the groom the real DAY..

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