Want to have a beautiful wedding in the middle of the Arabian Sea? The Lakshadweep Islands off the coast of mainland India is a stunning destination and one that wasn’t been completely taken over by tourist traps yet. Pristine, serene and exotic, Lakshadweep is one of the best destinations to have a unique beach wedding in India. This tropical paradise is a great place for weddings of all sizes and the breathtaking views are perfect for a romantic special occasion such as this.

A collection of thirty six islands, Lakshadweep is the only collection of islands in India that is said to have a coral reef. Located off the southwest coast of India, it is approximately 300 – 400 kms from Kerala. You can fly from Cochin in Kerala to the island of Agatti or travel by ships that operate between Cochin and different islands that comprise Lakshadweep. Not all islands are open to visitors or inhabited and special restrictions apply to foreign nationals. You can check out islands like Bangaram, Kavaratti, Kalpeni, Agatti, Minicoy and Kadmat for possible wedding destinations. Every island has its own unique characteristics and features that make them gorgeous wedding destinations. For example, Agatti is rich in marine life and lovely coral reefs, Kavaratti is the more developed area since it is an administrative capital and Kalpani is known for its big lagoon and pretty islets.

Rich in flora, fauna and marine life these islands are home to vistas that will take your breath away. There are many resorts and hotels close to the azure waters and sun kissed sands to plan yours and your guests’ stays and lots of outdoor activities. Not only can you book beachside hotels for your dream beach wedding but also hire a cruise ship or a boat to hold your wedding at. Imagine solemnizing your marriage in the middle of the emerald sea…romantic! If you are looking to a have a wedding without the usual pomp and circumstance and something more pure and intimate, this is a great destination for you.

Known as one of the most popular dive spots in the country Lakshadweep is great for water babies in particular. You can treat yourself and your wedding guests to activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, para-sailing, fishing and other water sports. For your honeymoon you and your significant other can sail over to one of the more unadulterated islands as well. A great place for couples looking to tie in adventure with one of the most romantic days of their lives; these coral islands are remote and relatively untouched yet equipped enough for a truly beautiful destination wedding.

– Haritha Vunnam

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Perfect destination for a perfect wedding

An Indian wedding is a work of imagination….. It can be simple, elegant, minimalistic but stylish. Or, it can be outlandish, bright and grand.

The choice totally rests with the couple and their families.But, whatever it is they choose, satisfaction and happiness comes only when their dream plays out exactly as they want it to be- PERFECT.

Thought and effort is put in every little detail of an Indian wedding; starting from footwear of the bride to the gifts for the guest, the best delicacies from around the world to the honeymoon destinations…
And with all of these, Ultra-Rich weddings are made perfect by their locations. 

Our country with its diverse culture and rich heritage is fast becoming the hub of wedding tourism. From exotic beach locations and majestic palaces to the charming backwaters, the country inspires love, tradition and everything in between. This charmmakes India an ideal place for couples to exchange vows and make their special day extraordinary.

Imagine a majestic palace in Rajasthan in all its grandeur as the backdrop of your wedding having a grand courtyard with acres of lush beautiful gardens, cascading fountains, shady trees, sandstone quarters and finely carved sculptures. A long drive into the lawns leadto the main palace building, where a grand portico extends a stately welcome. Few steps up the grand marble staircase takes you to a massive lounge impressively done with antique portraits, statues and marble works, transporting you to an era gone by.

Or for those who want a quiet and picturesque wedding in a tropical setting, a   beautiful beach somewhere in Kerala holding in its vastness an extremely romantic wedding altar decorated with white and crimson flowers, is a perfect destination. After all what is better than a gathering of family and friends watching the most gorgeous couple known to themmaking a commitment of love in a movie-like scenario.

And now imagine exchanging marriage vows with your life partner in the valley of Himachal Pradesh,with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains or lush green hills and a serene river flowing adjacent to the woods and thousands of flowers blooming. It would just feel like a fairy-tale setting. The Mountain weddings are best suited for those who wants to tie the nuptials amidst stunning natural scenery making them feel the heaven on earth.

Apart from being charming and lavish, weddings in India can also be adventurous. From the thick green forests of Bandhavgarh or Corbett to rafting in Kaudilaya to snow clad Himalayan ranges in Auli, the locations in India are ideal adventure wedding destinations. Adventure weddings are for couples who want to say “I dare” along with “I do”. This certainly befits a wedding with a limited guest list as not everybody finds it convenient to participate in it. So for couples who want to make their special day exciting adventure wedding is great.

These destination weddings makes every moment of the wedding etched in the memory of the couple and simply unforgettable for their family and friends…

– Yamini Shah

Where do you want to get married?

There is doubt about the wedding day being one of the most important in the couple’s life. This is reason why there is no limits to the number of pictures clicked on that day. The family, the friends, and all the pleasant moments are captured not only in the pictures but they leave an unforgettable impression in memory. That is why we would want it to be perfect and we would want it to be done accordingly by our wedding planner.

And one of the most important considerations given by a good wedding planner is to the wedding destination. And these days, not only foreigners want to get married at extravagant locations, but Indians too. Be it a regal wedding or a beach wedding or a temple wedding, the embellishment a good wedding planner can leave a momentous mark.

The wedding destinations chosen by the planners these days were unthinkable in few decades back. Or may be thought of only be the royals. But even those belonging to a slightly higher income group keep their options open for exotic locations. Couples want make it memorable for themselves and for their guests. They don’t hold back in having choosing a beach or Himalayas to get married at. How often do we hear about affluent corporate citizens and Film stars and even prominent Sports Personalities choosing historical places in Agra and Lucknow and even huge palaces of Bikaner, Jaipur and Udaipur. Some people also choose sacred places like Haridwar, Khajurao and Madurai hoping to add that holy benediction in their sacred relationship of marriage.

Elite societies choose to make it a showbiz, which they want to symbolize their social stature. This has brought in the concept of Theme based weddings. The various themes chosen right from the Royal style, to a fantasy world, aim at making the event a style avowal.

Out of the many criteria of wedding, one of the most important is the merger of two human beings into a different world than before. And to make this merger not only beautiful in face, but also in heart, and make it an unforgettable memory, it is extremely essential to the right destination.

– Nikhil Mahajan

India as a Wedding Destination

Lately “India” has become a place known for its Royal Weddings, Grand Celebrations, Huge Family Get together and a place to celebrate the occasion in a Grandiose and also traditional Manner. Right from the Temples down South, to Palaces of Udaipur and around ecstatic beauty of Kashmir, people are ready to go anywhere to make this occasion one among the best days in their life; and why should it not be? It is of course their Wedding Day – a moment to cherish for a lifetime. Adding to the plus points, many celebrities from other nations have visited these places also for the best known honeymoon destination. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s recent visit to India, and tour around cities like Pune, Agra and a few places in Rajasthan have made these places a hot spot and in radar of the high-class people as the most amazing places to marry around the world.

Same is the view point of the new company on front “Ultra Rich Wedding PVT LTD”. We as an organization try to keep no stone unturned while catering to the entire royal needs of our customers so that there is hardly any room for any complains. We ensure that the marriage occasion (the most important day) in any person’s life brings back smiles on their faces every time they think about it.

Harsh Golani