Men’s jewellery

Since the time unknown, jewellery has always been a status symbol for a person to show his power, his class and status in the society. Kings, emperors, and rulers across the globe in different civilizations of the past, wore jewellery and the more they were decked in the same, the more powerful they were considered by others.

Since the initial days, jewellery was kept as a domain for women only (with the exception of kings) and the only jewellery that a man would wear would be a ring. But as time has progressed and jewellery is now a luxury item, some other jewellery has come up in the market that has made man also see some items for him alongside. Some ofthe jewellery that’s now available in the market for men is:

1.     Money Clips

A money clip is typically a device used to store cash and credit cards in a very compact fashion for those who do not wish to carry a wallet. It’s a solid piece of metal folded into half, such that the bills and the credit cards are securely wedged in between the two pieces of metal. They are typically sold as a luxury item.

2.     Tie Bars

    Also called the tie-clip, or tie slide, or tie clasp, they are used to keep the tie from flapping, falling or otherwise presenting anything other than a neat appearance. It’s one form of a neckwear accessory that clips the tie to the underlying shirt, preventing it from swinging and ensuring the tie hangs straight.

3.     Key Rings

This is completely a luxury item that men use to flaunt their spending power. Having gold, silver and even platinum key rings gives a sense of power and a strange charm among others through which a man can boast of his style and power in the market.

4.     Cuff Links

 The cufflink is used by men as a decorative fastener to fasten the two sides of the cuff of a shirt. Today cuff-links as jewellery is being used as gifts by people to men as a luxury product.

5.     Bracelets

They are the articles of jewellery that is worn around the wrist. The bracelets are worn by both men and women today, made of varying material like gold, silver, platinum, pearls, etc. They vary in design and in value, depending upon the type of material it’s been made of. It’s another luxury item that men use to boast about themselves and show how deep their pockets are.
 6.     Pendants and Contemporary Chains
Another article of jewellery worn around the neck  by women, pendants are quickly finding a way into the men segment, with small chains of gold, platinum or silver, with small pendants attached to them. By changing the designs of the pendants, men can use it to show off their masculinity using different forms and shapes of pendants. It’s another of the luxury items that men use to flaunt their style and money power.

– Kushagra Duvedi